d100 Adventure: The Mirror Tells Her Lies

For the launch of Michael Hopcroft Press (Michael P. Hopcroft, Proprietor), we are announcing the upcoming release of a new adventure for OpenQuest and other d100 system games, "The Mirror Tells Her Lies".

In this adventure, the PCs are summoned to a town whose town church is haunted by a strange force that severely traumatizes all who face it. When the local feudal rules attempted to resolve the crisis herself, she went into the church and has not been seen since. To get her out, save the down, and drive out the force wreaking havoc on the minds of the town, the PCs must face their worst enemies -- themselves...

Backers of the program at the $3 will receive a PDF copy of the module. Print-on-Demand copies will be available from Drive-Thru RPG, with $10 in the Kickstarter securing one at cost. In addition to helping with this project, backers can help bring this publisher into the future to work on other, bigger projects.