D20 Slaine the Role-Playing-Game of Celtic-Heroes Official Character Sheets Scans - Are they Legal?

I was sent here by another person on this forum when I offered to put up scans of the official D20 Slaine Character sheets to check here first in case it was a bad idea.

Incidentally, I have already done this on the Roll-20 forums when asking for an interactive online version of the very same character sheets. I post there under the same pseudonym as well.

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Whether you have done it elsewhere is between you, and that other place.

In general, we don't allow folks to duplicate or distribute materials that are someone else's copyright-protected IP. So, if you created a new sheet for that information, that'd be okay, but scans from copyright-protected material is a problem.

Most games, in my experience, give you rights to copy character sheets for your own use, not for distribution. So, this probably isn't a great thing for you to do here.

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