[d20CoC] Beyond the Mountains of Madness - Chap 5: At Sea

Drowned Hero

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George Barrow

George will assist to the
Sykes / Introduction to cold-weather clothes and equipment , Grene & Watkins / Antarctic First-Aid, J Rucker / Antarctic Paleobiology lectures

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The ship moves smoothly through the Atlantic waters. The rise and fall of the vessel in the waves, while noticeable, is gentle and soothing, accompanied by the continuous faint thrum of the great engines below decks. Everyone is a little wobbly at first, until they get their sea legs, but within hours the motion of the ship seems natural.

On the morning after launch, the daily routine begins.

Breakfast for the expedition is served from 8-9 a.m. There is no formal lunch, but sandwiches and cold foods are laid out in the mess halls from noon to one o'clock, and the evening meal is held at eight p.m.

  • Professor Moore attended Father Rucker's paleobiology lecture and seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly, asking numerous questions.
  • By attending Douglas Halperin and Camille Bardier's "Aerial Navigation" lecture, Øyvind has a 10% chance (a roll of 1 on a d10) to add 1 to his Knowledge (Navigation) skill
  • By attending Peter Sykes's "Introduction to cold-weather clothes and equipment" lecture, George Barrow has a 10% chance (a roll of 1 on a d10) to add 1 to his Wilderness Lore skill

Job (the tortured one).

Drowned Hero

First Post
George Barrow Scientist

George uses his days at the lectures and putting his lab into perfect shape, canvas, pipets, microscopes in different sizes and a wide range of knives and scissors are all placed carefully with straps so they dont move with the movements of the sea.

He will take his usuall walks of 45 min twice a day around the ship taking a new route every day to get familiar with the ship and its corners and hallways.

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