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Thanks to your support, either via purchasing the Help Joe fundraiser bundle, or purchasing any publishing products from the store, or RPGNow or Paizo, at the end of February will be donating (as of NOW) over $1000.00 to Joe's GoFundMe. Here is how that breaks down:

$ 79.78 Paizo Publishing sales
$ 101.80 RPGNow Publishing sales
$ 351.50 Bundle sales
$ 536.72 Publishing sales
$1069.80 Total GoFundMe donation for February (THUS FAR)

If you haven't already picked up the crazy bundle, it's just $10 for over $100 in popular books. Alternatively, all proceeds from Publishing sales from any store you buy them at go to Joe's fundraiser.

If you'd rather donate directly or need to know more about why you might considering doing so, see his GoFundMe page here. Personally I can't think of something more deserving of some assistance than this.

You can buy the crazy bundle at

Or you can buy any Publishing products at

Thanks from me and thanks from Joe! If you can't help financially please assist by spreading the word!

(This sale will last until March 15th)

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