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I have started a rpg project what would like to merge two things:
First one is the MAGUS rpg. It is a generic fantasy rpg from the early 90th. It is still popular in my country. James Bond style adventures in the renaissance.
Unfortunatelly there is no english version published, so I decided, that I make a short summarized version of this rpg to introduce Magus to the international community.
So here comes the second thing, all of the published editions are too complicated, we have to find another way. My second favorite rpg in Hungary the Sword and Magic by Melan. It has limitid awerness in the oldschool scene and in 2014 someone made a Magus version of this rpg for a contest. It is a good base, but I think it needs more work to reach the original Magus flavour.
On this blog you can follow the details of the project: https://d20ynev.blogspot.com

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I restarted my osr inspired project. The name is d20Ynev. It is a crossover of the hungarian Magus and the Sword and Magic (SaM) rpg. (Using another Magus/SaM hack)
Currently i described how i imagine the Magus classes in the SaM system?
Here you can find it: Class design principles
If you have any comment please share it here or under the blogpost.

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