Dagger in the Heart: A Campaign Book for Heart: The City Beneath


I run Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace
We (Compose Dream Games) carries Spire and Heart here in Canada and will probably be doing the Canadian fulfillment for Dagger in the Heart.
There shipping graphic (at the bottom of the backerkit page) doesn't include Canada at the moment but would probably be more in line with Aus+NZ shipping costs.

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I am stoked for this. Heart is one of my favourite settings and systems, and the art is absolutely stunning. The concept seems to hit all the beats that I and my players loved - the haunted railway of the Vermissian, the wilful madness of those trying to exploit the Heart for their own ends - so even if I don't play it for a bit due to being knee deep in other campaigns I look forward to seeing what terrible red wonder transpires.

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