Kickstarter Dagger in the Heart, a new supplement for Heart: The City Beneath, now on Backerkit

Hi folks! Maz here. Long time reader, first time poster (with my publisher hat on, at least!).

Dagger in the Heart is currently funding on Backerkit. It's the first hardback sourcebook for Heart: The City Beneath. This new 144-page release is dripping with evocative prose from author Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, grotesque full-colour illustrations by Sar Cousins, and immersive layout by ENnie award-winning Mina McJanda.

Inside you can find a sandbox adventure that takes Delvers into the deepest recesses of the Heart in search of their destiny. Dagger in the Heart features:
  • Three major antagonists and their accompanying factions all vying for control in the depths that can be opposed, allied with, or betrayed.
  • New Beat sheets designed specifically for Dagger in the Heart, which allow players to chain their fates to the Heart and the Delving Machine.
  • Dozens of new creatures and NPCs to encounter, from eccentric Junk Mages to body-snatching insects known as flenslings, and worse horrors besides.
  • 40+ new landmarks to explore, overflowing with unique resources, fallouts, and potential plots to ensure every delve is distinct in its own beautiful and horrifying ways.
  • 20+ delves ready to use as the connective tissue that pulls your party inexorably towards the bleeding wound at the centre of reality.
  • And more secrets yet to be uncovered...
Also featuring a brand-new GM screen for Heart, with a booklet of tables, rules references and info you can hack into your own personal GM murderboard for use at the table.

If you've got questions about the crowdfunder, the game, the book or anything else, let me know!

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