Daggers & Deviltry


I see. I also commented in that SH. I seem to recall it was one of the SHs that led me to Midnight. You were in the LXP, too, IIRC?

Tempus fugit.

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A real mixed bag of stuff this time around.

First up, a map I did in a quick and dirty method. It is for a Burning Wheel solo game that I'm in with Judd aka Paka. Scanned pencils for most of the geographical features. Lettering done in Photoshop with the Dragonbones font from Blambot. The coloring done in Painter, primarily with a "wet oil" brush... which gives it a bit of funky texture which I like, then the wet blender tool to mush stuff around a bit, like in the hills, mtns. Hope you like.


Here is a link to a higher resolution:

Here is the link to Blambot. Has wonderful fonts. I've even bought a couple.

Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering

Then, here is Judd's b-day present. Pencils that I'm giving to him, but I'm gonna work this up as a sample. This is from an incident in our Saturday D&D game, with Melech the Red there backstabbing a green dragon to great effect. I'm told. I wasn't there, darn it. (Actually, I was having a wonderful time visiting Millie's daughter Anaiis in PA with Millie)

I am going to try and keep track of the interim steps and post them as I get them done on this project. Although, since it is a for-me project, it is not a higher priority.


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