Level Up (A5E) Damage Costing for Ongoing Conditions


Is there guidance for how to cost damage from ongoing conditions when homebrewing monsters? For example, a creature is poisoned but can make a save at the end of each turn, or a creature is grappled and restrained while grappled in this way (I believe the latter example is considered ongoing damage rather than conditional damage, thus halving the cost)).

My assumption has been that since conditions can be converted into damage (based on the CR of the monster), and since ongoing damage is costed as one additional instance of that damage, that you cost an ongoing condition as double its damage value.

For example - a CR 6 monster restraining one target for a turn costs 6 damage, and costs 6 more if it’s ongoing for a total of 12 damage.

Is that correct? Is there any official guidance here? I was not able to find any.

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I generally assume a DoT/Ongoing Effect will proc twice. More than that and the target is likely to be dead anyway., less than that and it is going to mess with the action economy.


Sounds like you're agreeing with me, then?

After looking over a few more statblocks, I may have to revise my answer to "the guidance is intentionally ambiguous and you can't take the quantification of conditions too seriously" based on some stat blocks I've recently read that conflict with A5E's guidance.

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