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Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga

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Rumors have been spreading in small towns and hamlets, regions isolated in the far reaches of the wilderness and cut off from major cities and trade routes. Rumors of strangeness in the forest, where the animals suddenly watch with intelligent eyes while the sound of a crone’s laughter pierces the veil of night. Rumors of young men and women disappearing without a trace in the wilderness. Rumors of a cottage that walks on enormous chicken legs.

Rumors of Baba Yaga.

Those rumors turn out to be true and the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga has come once again to haunt, confuse, befuddle, and terrorize the far corners of the land. The Grandmother of Witches cackles in her flying mortar as she sails over the trees, a shadow in the darkness, but what does she want? Why has she come? And what strangeness awaits in her fantastic hut on dancing chicken legs? Brave heroes are needed to head out and find the answers to these questions and more!


Welcome to the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga, an adventure unlike any other. Baba Yaga, the Grandmother of Witches, has come to town, and her dangerous and mysterious Dancing Hut beckons adventurers to brave its wondrous depths. Open the doors, unlock the puzzles, and meet the famed witch, her adopted daughters, and a host of other strange characters.

This module presents the Dancing Hut and its most famous owner, Baba Yaga, as an adventure site worthy of high-level exploration. You can use the module in many different ways, and the Adventures in the Hut section provides ways to entice characters to seek out Baba Yaga. In general, the adventure environments presented are designed to challenge a party of characters levels 11-16, but with some adjusting and focus on non-combat solutions, a party of lower-level characters could also explore the Dancing Hut.

Digital Purchase Includes Zip File of All Interior Maps Ready for VTT Use! Here's the Hut Interior map as an example:​


Adventure Overview​

The Dancing Hut is a legendary artifact of D&D lore, and Baba Yaga has been a component of it since its introduction. There are so many ways to detail the contents of this fabulous and wondrous site that it’s important to know what this adventure contains and its scope.

The contents of the Dancing Hut and the surrounding areas are detailed in this adventure module using a 2-page spread format, with a map of the specific area and pertinent information regarding what can be found or encountered there.

Here is a description of what you’ll find in this module.

History and Legends. The first section contains information pertinent to the history of Baba Yaga, the Grandmother of Witches, along with legends and stories concerning the Dancing Hut. Much of this information is drawn from classic fairy tales and eastern European literature, but it’s been given some dramatic spins to suit the fantastic settings of D&D. This section also contains some broad goals of Baba Yaga, legends regarding the famous witch, and details on her three distinct faces – the Hungry, the Wicked, and the Mother.

Adventures in the Hut. The Dancing Hut is a sprawling place, and adventurers traveling into its strange rooms should possess a goal to focus on so they don’t wander aimlessly. This section provides plots that can be used to entice parties of adventurers to seek out and explore the Dancing Hut.

Outside the Dancing Hut. The Dancing Hut can appear almost anywhere in the world or the multiverse, but wherever it touches down it changes the landscape around it in subtle ways. This section provides details of those changes, including its famous bone fence and interacting with the Dancing Hut itself. For many adventurers, this is the first taste of the strangeness to come.

Inside the Dancing Hut. The Dancing Hut can change its configuration to suit any need or want of its owner. The configuration presented in this adventure includes four sections – Between Layer, Outer Layer, Inner Layer, and Nucleus. The Between Layer exists outside of a defined structure, but the other layers are built like a die of decreasing size with each “face” of the die representing a room (of varying shape and design) with three exits/entrances.

The Outer Layer is shaped like a 20-sided icosahedron, the Inner Layer like an 8-sided octahedron, and the Nucleus is built like a 4-sided tetrahedron. Each room of each layer is described with a distinct map, inhabitants, and challenges designed for a party of characters levels 11-16.

Progressing deeper into the interior of the Dancing Hut requires using a special knock sequence. Some of the NPCs encountered can assist characters, while others are meant as antagonists with their own personal agendas – and some are just bizarre.

In addition to these three core layers, there are rooms accessible through the strange paths between chambers. These rooms include the personal chambers of Baba Yaga, her favored children, and rooms for the witch’s personal servants and guards. The first room entered by visitors, the seemingly normal inside of the hut itself, is considered one of these intermediary rooms.

Here's a preview of the Hut Interior and Kitchen of Blood from the product.​



Magic of Baba Yaga.
This section details artifacts, magical items, and curses pertaining to Baba Yaga and the Dancing Hut.

Baba Yaga, Grandmother of Witches. Baba Yaga’s game statistics in her three forms along with roleplaying notes are found in this section.

Appendix. Monster statistics from sources outside the Monster Manual are marked with an asterisk (*) in the text and reprinted in this appendix for ease of reference. Many of these creatures are found in the Monsters of the Infinite Planes book.

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The 2E Dancing Hut is a huge milestone in our campaign. Baba Yaga became a regular adversary for my group. This sounds like it takes inspiration from it. I’m very interested…

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