Dark*Matter: Discovery, Rogue's Gallery

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Diego Borges

Diego Borges: Strong Hero 3 / Battlemind 3

Str 14
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 12
Cha 12

defense 18 (+4 class, +2 dex, +1 equip, +1 deflection), touch 17, ff 16
HD 6d8+12, hp 37
init +2, move 30’, wealth +6, reputation +0, bab +5, grapple +7
saves Fort +8, Reflex +4, Will +3; (will use valor for +1); AP 17

Feats: Wild Talent (burst 3/day), Simple Weapons Proficiency, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Dodge, Combat Expertise, Sixth Sense (never surprised), Heroic Surge (extra action 2/day), Blind-Fight

Talents: Melee Smash (+1 melee damage), Extreme Effort (+2 on Str check with full round action)

BM class features:
psi-blade +1 (+ ring)
attack +10 melee, damage 1d6+7

imprint tattoo (cost DC 17, craft DC 12)

Psionic power points/day: 4
0: valor (+1 to a save as an immediate action), lesser natural armor (+1 to AC for 1 minute), detect psionics
1: combat precognition (1 hr/lev (3 hr), +1 insight to AC unless flatfooted)

Class Skills: The Strong hero’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are:
Climb (Str), Craft (structural) (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (current events, popular culture, streetwise, tactics) (Int), Profession (Wis), Read/Write Language (none), Repair (Int), Speak Language (none), and Swim (Str).
From starting occupation (Criminal): Disable Device (Int), Hide (Dex).
Battle Mind adds these as class skills: Autohypnosis (Wis), Balance (Dex), Concentration (Con), Craft (visual arts) (Int), Drive (Dex), Spot (Wis).

Skills (ranks/total): Jump 6/8, Disable Device 7/9, Hide 7/9, Knowledge (streetwise) 5/7, Drive 5/7, Speak Language (Spanish), Read/Write Language (Spanish), Repair 4/6, Concentration 4/6, Craft(visual arts) 4/6

Key Equip.:
Knife 1d4 crit 19-20 Piercing 10 ft. Tiny 1 lb. Purch DC 7
Attack +7 melee, damage 1d4+3

Stun gun 1d3 20 Electricity - Tiny 1 lb. Purch DC 5
Attack +7 melee, damage 1d3 (electric) + stun
On a successful hit, the stun gun deals 1d3 points of electricity damage, and the target must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 15) or be paralyzed for 1d6 rounds.

Colt Python 2d6 20 Ballistic 40 ft. ROF S 6 cyl. Med 3 lb. PDC 15 Lic (+1)
(.357 revolver) (mastercraft, +1 to hit)
Attack +8 ranged, damage 2d6, crit 20/x2

Glock 201 (10mm autoloader) 2d6 20 Ballistic 40 ft. S 15 box Small 3 lb. 18 Lic (+1)
Attack +8 ranged, damage 2d6, crit 20/x2

Leather Jacket (+1 defense)

Ring of Protection +1
Blade Focusing Ring: Gives a +2 to hit and a +3 to damage with a psi-blade

6’0”, latino, 20 years old


Diego’s mother (Delores) was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. She married a Mexican-American man (Garcia Borges) and they live in Chicago. Diego lives with his parents.

Diego had potential, doing well in school until he fell in with a gang of drug dealers. He was involved in some violent crimes including a robbery during which his older brother and fellow gang member Manuel was killed. He is trying to put that behind him, but he still associates with some of the gang. He still has enemies from those days too, and that is why (or so he tells himself) he finds it prudent to carry a weapon.

He currently works at a McDonalds. He dates but does not have a steady girlfriend.

He has always believed that he was somehow different from other people. The only real evidence he has is that when he tries to run really fast, sometimes he feels he can run faster than usual. Even stranger, he thinks that by concentrating, he can briefly speed up another person. He has had no luck investigating this anomoly but hopes to understand it some day.

Another way in which he is different is that he has always had an interest in fantasy books, and he is a regular D&D player.

When the game began, that night he realized that he has a bunch of overdue library books that he forgot about, so he decided (thanks to a little parental insistance) to drop them off at the library before they cost him any more money.
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[imager]http://www.nndb.com/people/125/000026047/burns4.jpg[/imager] Larry is a Confidence Artist. He lies and cheats and scams. When he isn't scamming somebody, he works as an amateur magician. He doesn't have much listed in his rap sheet, although he did spend some time behind bars as a juvenile. He aquired some minor unsavory skills there. Larry is very lucky. Whenever he really needs a distraction, something happens to fall down and break. This luck has gotten him out of many a tight jam in the past.

Larry Higgins

Charismatic 3/ Telepath 3
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 23
XP: 15001 Needed: 21000 xp
Allegiances: Hoffman Institute
Reputation: +3
Hit Dice: 6d6 +6 (30 hp)
Massive Damage Threshold: 12
Initiative: +6 (+2 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed: 30 Run: 120
Defense: 15 (+2 defense, +2 Dex, 1 Deflection)
Action Points: 21
BAB: +2 Melee: +2 Ranged: +4
Unarmed +2 (1d3; 20, x2)
Pistol: +4 (2d6; 20/x2)

Saves: Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 17
Skills (66):
Autohypnosis +10 (7+2)
Bluff +11 (6+3+2)
Concentration +6 (5+1)
Concentration +6 (5+1)
Diplomacy +9 (6+3)
Disable Device +6 (5+1)
Disguise +10 (5+3+2)
Gamble +3 (0+1+2)
Gather Info +9 (6+3)
Intimidate +11 (6+3+2)
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) +3 (2+1)
Knowledge (Streetwise) +6 (5+1)
Psicraft +4 (3+1)
Sleight of Hand +8 (5+2)
Speak Language (1) Russian

Feats: Improved Initiative, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Wild Talent (Far Hand 3/day), Deceptive (Bonus), Sixth Sense, Confident (Bonus), Brain Burn (Companion)---> convert 5 hp into 1 PP
Class ab.: Fast-Talk, Dazzle, Trigger Power (Lesser Concusion)
Occupation: Criminal (Disable Device, Sleight of Hand, Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Wealth: +1
Power Points: 9 (13 with Watch)

Level 0: DC 13
Detect Pisonics
Far Hand (Wild Talent)

Level 1: DC 14
Object Reading
Lesser Concussion.
Charm Person

Black Box
Binoculars (Standard)
Flashlight (standard + penlight)
Caller ID Defeater
Duct Tape (essential)
Buisness Suit *
Uniform (Police) *
Cell Phone*
Disguise Kit*
Car Opening Kit
Lockpick Set*
Holster (Concealed)
Fake ID*
Ruger Service-Six*
Speed Loader
Desert Eagle
Sites M9 (Sleight of Hand DC 23)
Watch of Power (+4 pp)

Level 6 hp (1d6+1=7)
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[B]Name:[/B] Dr. Nicholas Wells
[B]Class:[/B] Smart Hero 3/Mage 3
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Size:[/B] Medium
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Starting Profession:[/B] Academic (Archaelogist)

[B]Str:[/B] 10 +0 ( 2p.)     [B]Level:[/B] 5        [B]XP:[/B] 5000
[B]Dex:[/B] 12 +1 ( 4p.)     [B]BAB:[/B] +2         [B]HP:[/B] [COLOR=Red]38[/COLOR]/38 (6d6+10)
[B]Con:[/B] 14 +2 ( 6p.)     [B]Grapple:[/B] +0     [B]Dmg Red:[/B] 0
[B]Int:[/B] 17 +3 (10p.)     [B]Speed:[/B] 30'      [B]Spell Res:[/B] 
[B]Wis:[/B] 12 +1 ( 4p.)     [B]Init:[/B] +1        [B]Spell Save:[/B] +
[B]Cha:[/B] 14 +2 ( 6p.)     [B]ACP:[/B] -0         [B]Spell Fail:[/B] 10%

                   [B]Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Def    Nat  Misc  Total[/B]
[B]Armor:[/B]              10    +1    +0    +1    +2    +0    +1    15
[B]Touch:[/B] 12              [B]Flatfooted:[/B] 14

                         [B]Base   Mod  Misc  Total[/B]
[B]Fort:[/B]                      2    +2          +4
[B]Ref:[/B]                       2    +1          +3
[B]Will:[/B]                      5    +1    +2    +8 (Iron Will)

[B]Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical[/B]
Knife                     +2     1d4+0      19-20
Glock 17                  +3     2d6        20

[B]Action Points:[/B] [COLOR=Red]40[/COLOR] [B]Reputation Bonus:[/B] +2

[B]Languages:[/B] English, Arabic, Middle Egyptian, Japanese

[B]Talents:[/B] Savant, Exploit Weakness

[B]Feats:[/B] Attentive, Brew Potion, Educated, Iron Will, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Studious, Toughness, Windfall. Scribe Scroll

[B]Abilities:[/B]Arcane Skills, Arcane Spells, Summon Familiar

[B]Skill Points:[/B] 48       [B]Max Ranks:[/B] 4/2
[B]Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total[/B]
*Concentration              7    +2          +9
*Craft (chemical)           8    +3          +11
*Craft (writing)            7    +3          +10
*Decipher Script            8    +3    +2    +13 (+2 studious)
Demolitions                5    +3          +8
*Knowledge (arcane lore)    8    +3    +3    +14 (+1 acedemic, +2 educated)
Knowledge (history)        6    +3    +1    +10 (+1 acedemic)
*Profession (archaeologist) 8    +1    +1    +10 (+1 Windfall)
*Research                   8    +3    +6    +17 (+1 Savant, +1 acedimic, 
                                                 +2 studious, +2 educated)
Search                     6    +3          +9
*Spellcraft                 7    +3          +10
Spot                       0    +1    +3*   +4 (*+4 in daylight w/hawk familiar)
*Computer Use               7    +3          +10
Disable Device             6    +3          +9
*Investigate                8    +3    +2    +11 (+2 attentive)
Gather Information         3    +2          +5
Sense Motive                0    +1    +2    +3 (+2 attentive)

[B]Equipment:                     Weight[/B]
Knife                            1lb
Leather Jacket                   4lb
Briefcase                        2lb
Cell phone                       0lb
Glock 17                         2lb
Ring of Protection +1            0lb
[B]Total Weight:[/B] 7lb      

[B]Wealth Bonus:[/B] +18

                           [B]Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push[/B]
[B]Max Weight:[/B]                33    66   100   100   500

[B]Age:[/B] 42
[B]Height:[/B] 6'04"
[B]Weight:[/B] 210lb
[B]Eyes:[/B] Brown
[B]Hair:[/B] Brown
[B]Skin:[/B] Olive

0-level-all, plus Haywire (UA), Magic ID (UA), Mending (UA)
1st-level: Burning Hands, Hold Portal (UA), Instant Identify (UA), Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Obscuring Mist (UA), Power Device, Shield
2nd-level: Protection from Arrows/Bullets, Summon Vivalor II

Spells per day: 4/3/2
Spells Prepared:0-Light, Haywire, Magic ID, Resistance; 1st-Burning Hands; Magic Missile, Power Device; 2nd-Protection from Arrows/Bullets (x2)

Wand of the lesser magus stores three spell levels and lets silent spell be used twice a day for free

Spells stored: Obscuring Mist, Summon Vivalor II

Appearance: At 42 years old, Nick still manages to keep in decent shape, despite his reclusive tendencies. His reddish-brown hair looks as if is always in need of a trim, and his full mustache almost completely hides his mouth. He prefers his classic horn-rimmed eyeglasses over contact lenses.

Background: Once a well known archaeologist, Nicholas Wells has since retired from the field. An expert researcher, he can be found most days in his dimly lit office under a desk lamp pouring over some obscure tome concerning the occult. His fascination for the subject was born in Egypt several years ago when his company turned up some compelling artifacts that have since disappeared, along with his long time partner Cliff Kenzington. While officials believe his partner's disappearance was voluntary, and that the artifacts in question have since been sold on the black market, Nick desperately wants to believe that something more sinister is afoot. He simply can't imagine that his old friend would betray him. As the years pass, however, Nick is slowly coming to the realization that the officials are probably correct.
Divorced for the last five years, Nick still counts his ex-wife as one of his close friends. Together they have a 13 year old daughter, Rebecca, who desperately wants to know her reclusive father better.

[sblock=Level up notes]
[sblock=Level 3] wealth check: 1d20+8=23 (total bonus this level +3 (+2 wealth check, +1 granted from institute)[/sblock]
[sblock=Level 4]+5 hp; Ability score inscrease: Int to 17; Add Mage class; 10 skill points (+5 Concentration, +5 Spellcraft); Level 4 Profession check DC 18 (1d20+8=14) (wealth bonus unchanged)
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Name: Meredith Rosenberg
Class: Dedicated 3, Shadow Slayer 2, +1
Occupation: Investigative
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10" Weight: 150
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Age: 23

XP: 15000/21000
Allegiances: Daily Chronicle (newspaper)
Reputation: 1
Speed: 30 Run: 120
AP: 7/7

Hit Dice: 3d6+2d8 +10 (31hp)
Massive Damage Threshold: 14
Initiative: +3
Defense: 19 (+3 defense, +3 Dex, +3 shield)
BAB: +4 Melee: +6 Ranged: +7
Unarmed +6 (1d3+2; 20, x2)

Abilities: Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 12

Saves: Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +8
+2 vs magic and psionics

Climb (Str) +3 (1 rank + 2 Str)
Craft (writing) (Int) +8 (5 ranks + 2 Int + 1 Occ)
Investigate (Int) +11 (6 ranks + 2 Int + 1 occ + 2 feat)
Knowledge (behavioral sciences) (Int) +5 (3 ranks + 2 Int)
Knowledge (Current Events) (Int) +4 (2 ranks + 2 INt)
Listen (Wis) +11 (7 ranks + 2 Wis + 2 feat)
Profession - Journalist (Wis) +7 (5 ranks + 2 Wis)
Sense Motive (Wis) +14 (7 ranks + 2 Wis + 3 talent + 2 feat)
Spot (Wis) +11 (7 ranks + 2 Wis + 2 feat)
Treat Injury +5 (3 ranks + 2 Wis)
Tumble +9 (6 ranks + 3 Dex)

Class Features:
Detect Shadow (2/day, 2rnd, atk action, 30')
Shadow Immunity (DR 1 vs the natural weapons of the denizens of Shadow (claws, bite, and so on))

Skill Emphasis: Sense Motive

1 Personal Firearm Proficiency (occ)
1 Attentive
1 Defensive Martial Arts
2b Iron Will
3 Archaic Weapon Proficiency
Bonus: Alertness

Holy Sword, +7 to hit, 1d8+3 dmg, Holy

Current Wealth: +8

Casual wardrobe (PDC 8)
Handbag (PDC 4)
Coat (PDC 8)
Digital Camera (PDC 10) -1 Wealth
Desktop Computer (PDC 22) -2 Wealth
Holy Sword, +1 to hit/damage, holy
Magic Shield, +3 AC
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Updated per level advancement below.

Name: Cade Black
Class: Smart 4, Fast 1
Character Level: 5
Nationality: American
Actor: Nathan Fillion
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Starting Profession: 
Technician (Security Consultant) - +1 competence bonus to Computer Use, Craft (electronics), and Repair

Str: 10 +0 ( 2p.)    Level: 6       XP: 
Dex: 16 +3 (10p.)    BAB: +3        Hit Points: 29
Con: 12 +1 ( 4p.)    Grapple: +0    Dmg Red: 0
Int: 17 +3 (10p.)    Speed: 30'     Spell Res: 
Wis: 12 +1 ( 4p.)    Init: +7       Spell Save: +
Cha: 10 +0 ( 2p.)    ACP: -0        Spell Fail: 0%

                                  Base   Armor Shld Dex Def Nat Misc Total
Armor:Leather Coat                10      +1   +0   +3  +5  +0   +1    20
ring of protection +1
                                  Touch: 15 Flatfooted: 16

Hit Points 

Base  Mod    Misc Total
Fort:  1      +1   +2
Ref:   3      +3   +6
Will:  2      +1   +3

Combat (BAB +3)
Melee: +3
Range: +6

Weapon Attack Damage Critical
S&W Model 1076
(10mm autoloader) +7 2d6 20 

Winchester 94
(.444 hunting rifle) +6 2d10 20

Knife (pocket) +3 1d4 19-20

Action Points: 26
 Reputation Bonus: +2

Languages: English (obviously not counting computer languages)


Simple Weapon Proficiency (via Class)
Gearhead (+2 Computer Use and Repair)
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Builder (+2 bonus to Craft (electronic and mechanical)
Improved Initiative (+4 Init)
Educated (+2 bonus to all checks on Knowledge-Tactics and Knowledge-Technology)
Point Blank Shot (+1 to attack and damage within 30' of target)
Precise Shot (ignores penalty for firing into melee)

Savant (Smart Hero - Computer Use)
Plan (Smart Hero - Strategy Talent Tree)
Evastion (Fast Hero - Defensive Talent Tree)

                                             Max Ranks: 8/4 (X)
Skills                                       Ranks Mod Misc Total

Balance (Dex)                                 +1   +3        4
Computer Use (Int)                            +5   +3   +3   11
Craft (chemical) (Int)                        +2   +3        5 
Craft (electronic) (Int)                      +5   +3   +3   11
Craft (mechanical) (Int)                      +5   +3   +2   10
Craft (writing) (Int)                         +1   +3        4 
Decipher Script (Int)                         +1   +3        4  
Disable Device (Int)                          +5   +3        8 
Drive (Dex - X)                               +2   +3        5 
Escape Artist (Dex)                           +1   +3        4
Forgery (Int)                                 +1   +3        4
Hide (Dex - X)                                +3   +3        6 
Investigate (Int)                             +3   +3        6 
Knowledge-Arcane Lore (Int)                   +2   +3        5
Knowledge-PopCult. (Int)                      +2   +3        5
Knowledge-Tactics                             +5   +3   +2   10
Knowledge-Technology (Int)                    +5   +3   +2   10
Listen (Wis -X)                               +1   +1        2 
Move Silently (Dex -X)                        +3   +3        6 
Navigate (Int)                                +2   +3        5
Profession (Wis)                              +6   +1        7 
Read/Write Language (English) 
Repair (Int)                                  +2   +3   +3   8
Research (Int)                                +3   +3        6
Search (Int)                                  +2   +3        5
Sleight of Hand (Dex)                         +6   +3        9
Speak Language (English) 
Spot (Wis - X)                                +3   +1        4 
Survival (Wis - X)                            +2   +1        3 
Swim (Str - X)                                +1   +0        1
Tumble (Dex)                                  +6   +3        9 

Equipment: Weight
(NAC=Not Always Carried)

Leather Coat 4 lb
Ring of Protection +1 n/a
Weapons permits/lics. n/a
Winchester 94 (NAC) 7
-scope (standard)
Box of 30 rnds (.444) (NAC)
S&W 1076 3
-laser sight
Holster of Concealment (Institute assigned) 1
2 Clips (10mm@15 rnd each) 1
Backpack 2
Notebook PC 5 (Laptop has +1 Equipment Bonus)
Modem - Cellular 1
Cellphone -
Lockpick Set 1
Leatherman .5
Electric Toolkit (NAC) 12
Mechanical Toolkit (NAC) 22
Cellular Interceptor .5
Nightvision Goggles (NAC) 3
Telephone Taps
     Line .5
     Receiver .5
Tap Detector 1
Telephone line tracer (NAC) 5
Regular Clothes (Worn)

Total Weight: 20

Wealth Bonus: +18

             Lgt  Med    Hvy   Lift Push
Max Weight: 0-33 34-66 67-100  200  500

Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Skin: White (Tan)


Cade is a good natured young man, however he is keeps to himself quite often. His subdued nature often leads people to think of Cade as a hermit, when in fact he is just selective of the company he keeps, sometimes to the point of coming across gruff. However, Cade does believe in giving people a chance to make their own impression and rarely has a preconceived notion - good or bad, the impression is up to someone to earn.

If Cade could be said to have any allegiance, it would be to finding out the truths of the world, for good or bad, and seeing the just and right things done in the world.


Cade Black grew up on Klamath Falls Oregon, a small to moderate sized farming and lumber town that has been on the edge of an economic downturn for a few decades, but always managed to stay just above that downturn.

High in the southern oregonian mountains, Klamath Falls is also home to the Oregon Institute of Technology, a college known for its civil engineering, computer, and nursing programs, as well as other endeavors in academia.

Born to a loving family, Cade's father worked at Jeld-Wen, a local lumber mill, and his mother ran the family farm, which was just outside of town in Keno, that grew small local crops, as well as raised some livestock.

The outdoors was an early part of Cade's young life, be it hunting, fishing, or simple hikes in the mountains around his farm and his town. By his early teens, like many young folk in the area, Cade was an experienced outdoorsman, although by no means a mountain man, who often went hunting before, or after school, and it was not uncommon to see rifles in various students', as well as teachers' vehicles, in gun racks, during the season.

However, Cade's true talent seemed to be in electronics and computers, as he began his college courses while still in high school, taking classes at OIT on the recommendation of his computer and electronics teacher, Mrs. Georsling.

Adept at figuring his way through things, Cade earned a reputation as a gearhead, not only working up interesting programs, but also interfaces and equipment that had many usages, including security. He also bought an old, beat-up International Scout 4x4 and slowly began to restore it and customize it into a hunting rig.

It was during college that Cade developed a fondness for security, not only lockpicking, a known pasttime of many of the student body, but also electronic security.

Soon it became obvious to most that Cade's knack for security was going to earn him a healthy living as a post-graduate, as he worked up many protective systems for the local well-to-do families, both for themselves and their companies.

Many a night, while listening to Coast to Coast AM, be it with Art Bell, George Noory, or any one of their guest hosts, Cade would always come up with a new schema, layout, or plan for a security system, or how to by-pass one.

It became quite evident, though, that Cade needed to stretch his legs, and his reputation had earned him a chance at a few contacts in Chicago, the Windy City. Much to his surprise, as well as that of his friends and family, Cade decided to take the leap and move to Chi-Town.

Who knows, maybe this will be the big step into his next adventure...
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24 years old
6’1” 155 lbs
Short auburn hair, hazel eyes, clean shaven
Usually he is casually well-dressed

Fast Hero 1

Str 12 +1 (4pts)
Dex 16 +3 (10pts)
Con 12 +1 (4pts)
Int 16 +3 (10pts)
Wis 10 (2pts)
Cha 10 (2pts)

BAB +0
Melee Attack Bonus +1
Ranged Attack Bonus +3
2-Weapon Fighting S&W44 Right Hand (-2) Sites M9 Left Hand (-2)

Defense 17 [10 +3(dex) +1(leather jacket) +3(class bonus)]
Hit Points 9
Fort Save +0
Ref Save +4
Will Save +0
Speed 40’
Action Points: 5

Balance 4 (1rk)
Climb 2 (2rk)
Computer Use 3 (academic skill)
Concentration 1
Craft Mechanical 4 (1rk)
Craft Structural 3
Craft Visual Art 3
Craft Writing 3
Disable Device 4 (2rk)
Drive 3
Escape Artist 3
Forgery 3
Hide 4 (1rk)
Jump 2 (2rk)
Knowledge Current Events 4 (1rk)
Knowledge History 7 (4rk , academic skill)
Move Silently 4 (1rk)
Navigate 3
Read/Write/Speak – Arabic 4 (1rk/1rk)
Read/Write/Speak – Akkadian 4 (1rk/1rk)
Read/Write/Speak – Ancient Hebrew 4 (1rk/1rk)
Read/Write/Speak – Aramaic 4 (1rk/1rk)
Research 4 (1rk, academic skill)
Ride 3
Search 3
Sleight of Hand +6 (3rk)
Survival +4 (4rk)
Swim +1
Tumble +4 (1rk)

Simple Weapons Proficiency
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Two-Weapon Fighting

Increased Speed
Improved Increased Speed

Carried Equipment:
S&W .44 magnum concealed in shoulder holster
Sites M9 concealed in shoulder holster
Leather Jacket worn
6 .44 magnum bullets in gun
6 .44 magnum bullets in speed loader in daypack
8 9mm bullets in gun
8 9mm bullets in cartridge in daypack
Cell Phone on belt clip
Duct Tape in daypack
First Aid Kit in daypack
Compass in daypack
Flashlight (penlight) in daypack
Lock Pick Set in daypack

Other Equipment Left in Apartment:
Winchester 94 (12-guage hunting shotgun)
Shotgun shells – 4 20-round boxes
.44 magnum bullets – 4 50-round boxes
9mm bullets – 4 50-round boxes
Standard Binoculars
Flashlight (standard)
Map – Road Atlas
Rope 150 feet
Sleeping Bag
Trail Rations 12 – 4 boxes

Cyrus comes across as a quiet and reserved young man. In reality, his soft disposition was formed in response to his father’s larger-than-life personality and his mother’s soft, nurturing love.

His father, Lane Diffenderfer, grew up as a farm-boy in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Cyrus’ grandfather (the clan’s original Cyrus) had seen the world as a soldier, and he made sure that his son Lane was educated in worldly matters Of course, Lane also benefited from the region’s natural wonders—he became an avid hunter and fisherman. Mostly, though, Lane succeeded in the things in which a country kid is supposed to succeed; he got good grades in school and he was respected as the high school’s football champ.

Lane did well enough to get a scholarship to Michigan State University, where he majored in engineering, played football well-enough to keep his scholarship, but not well enough to go pro, and met his wife, Mary Elizabeth O’Brien. Lane converted from his Lutheran upbringing to Catholicism to be able to marry the beautiful librarian/cheerleader.

Lane went on to become a very successful engineer and then accountant at General Motors, moving his family to the Detroit suburbs. He patented several new computer communication devices for automobiles and spun off his own company. He became a millionaire when he took his company public.

All of his professional accomplishments did little to quell his disappointment in his personal life, though. There were major complications during the birth of his first son. Although the baby was born without harm, Mary Elizabeth suffered greatly and had to have a hysterectomy. She never fully recovered physically from the birth, remaining weak and loosing much of her youthful beauty. Unlike the elder Cyrus’ prodigious procreation, Lane fathered only a single child. Lane does not appear to have ever been unfaithful to his physically diminished wife; instead he threw himself into his work.

Cyrus grew up as a momma’s boy, inheriting her love of books and learning and her quiet disposition. Lane, however, wanted his boy to be a real man. He took the boy on numerous hunting and fishing trips on his grandfather’s farm. Cyrus never acquired a real taste for the kill, but he did pick up quite a proficiency with firearms, preferring shooting practice in an indoor range to the actual hunt. He also picked up some outdoor skills from his trips to the UP.

A tall and lanky and somewhat homely boy, Cyrus never excelled at team sports as his father had done. His father did not, however, relent in pushing his son in sports. In high school, Cyrus finally settled in track and field and did well. To Lane, the football hero, running and jumping were sissy sports, and Cyrus’ many blue ribbons and trophies were small consolation.

Cyrus never became close with his father, always coming up short when measured against his father’s physical accomplishments. In academics, Cyrus followed his mother’s lead. He was a straight-A student in high school and went on the study the humanities at the University of Michigan, specializing in the history of ancient and pre-historic civilizations.

After graduating with honors, Cyrus was at a lost for what to do next. Convention suggested a PhD and a quiet professorial career at a small liberal arts college, but Cyrus, who never did much dating and whose social circle was limited to his Dungeons and Dragons gaming group and a few friends on the track and field team, wasn’t sure. He suffered no illusions of grandeur, but he wanted something more than an academic life. To his family’s surprise, he moved to Yemen, to further hone his Arabic language skills that he had learned at college.

After 20 months at the Arabic Language Center in the Old City section of the capital, Sana’a, Cyrus received a call from his mother; Lane had suffered a major stroke. Cyrus returned home and helped his family through the immediate crisis. Today, even with extensive rehabilitation efforts, he has regained little use of his left side, his sight is limited, and his mental capacities are diminished. His father, always a strong and proud man, never took disability insurance, so most of the rehabilitation expenses were paid out of pocket. Mary Elizabeth put most of the family’s fortune into a trust to cover Lane’s long term care. Although there is plenty of money left over, no one would today describe the Diffenderfers as rich.

At the ripe old age of 24, Cyrus still feels a hole in his life; something is missing. Not sure what to do next and feeling neither affection nor animosity (feeling mostly pity) for his father, Cyrus has come to Chicago. He plans to experience the metropolitan life while he prepares to enter PhD studies at the University of Chicago. Although he does not need income, he has made plans to start working as a substitute teacher in the Chicago Public Schools in the meantime. He arrived a few days ago and, yesterday, moved into his new apartment. After his evening scotch and pipe, Cyrus has decided to go to the Brooks Public Library, feeling more at home among books than among a bar-hopping crowd of strangers.


*Level Advancement Changes to Rogues' Gallery Entry Above*

Cade Black level advancement from 1st to 2nd character level:

Hit Points: 7 (previous level) + 4 (average of 1d6+1) = 11 (current hit points)
Action Points: 5 (previous level) + 6 (5+2/2) = 11 (current action points)
Skill Points: 12 Points (Max 5/2.5)
+1 Rank Computer Use = 1 SP
+1 Rank Craft (electronics) = 1 SP
+1 Rank Craft (mechanical) = 1 SP
+1 Rank Hide = 2 SP
+1 Rank Investigate = 1 SP
+1 Rank Knowledge (Tech) = 1 SP
+1 Rank Move Silently = 2 SP
+1 Rank Profession = 1 SP
+1 Rank Spot = 2 SP
BAB: +1
Saves: F+0, R+0, W+2
Defense Bonus: +1
Bonus Feat: Builder (+2 bonus to Craft (electronic and mechanical)

Cade's Profession roll (1d20+4=15)
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*Level Advancement Changes to Rogues' Gallery Entry Above*

Cade Black level advancement from 2nd to 3rd character level:

Hit Points: 11 (previous level) + 4 (average of 1d6+1) = 15 (current hit points)
Action Points: 10 (previous level sans 1 used AP) + 6 (5+2/2) = 16 (current action points)
Skill Points: 12 Points (Max 6/3)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) +1 = 1 SP
Knowledge (Tactics) +5 = 5 SP
Profession +1 = 1 SP
Research +1 = 1 SP
Spot +1 = 2 SP
Survival +1 = 2 SP

Equipment: Laptop has +1 Equipment Bonus
Saves: F+1, R+1, W+0
Feat: Improved Initiative (+4 Init)
Talent: Plan (Strategy Talent Tree)
Wealth: +1 via Hoffmann Institute, +1 Profession Rank, +1 for Profession Check (see below) +12 (current wealth) = 15

Cade's Profession roll (1d20+5=20)


*Level Advancement Changes to Rogues' Gallery Entry Above*

Cade Black level advancement from 3rd to 4th character level:

Hit Points: 15 (previous level) + 4 (average of 1d6+1) = 19 (current hit points)
Action Points: 8 (previous level sans 8 used APs) + 6 (5+3/2) = 14 (current action points)
Skill Points: 12 Points (Max 7/3.5)
Ability Bonus: +1 to INT

Craft (chemical) (Int) +1 = 1 SP
Craft (mechanical) (Int) +2 = 2 SP
Disable Device (Int) +3 = 3 SP
Drive (Dex - X) +1 = 2 SP
Navigate (Int) +1 = 1 SP
Profession (Wis) +2 = 2 SP
Research (Int) +1 = 1 SP

Base Attack Bonus: +1
Saves: F+0, R+0, W+0
Bonus Feat: Educated (+2 bonus to all checks on Knowledge-Tactics and Knowledge-Technology)
Wealth: +1 from profession rank, +2 for Profession Check (see below) +15 (current wealth) = 18

Equipment: ring of protection +1 (Institute assigned)

Cade Black's Profession Check (1d20+5=20)

By the way, I'm leaning towards Cade becoming a 'Techie' advanced class, if that's okay with you, Falkus?

Although, if you have a direction suggestion, I'm up for that, too.
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