Release Darkened Depths - a Fantasy Dungeon Campaign Creation Package



"Darkened Depths" is a 228 paged "Generic Campaign Creation Package" for any Fantasy-themed Role Playing Game for a Dungeon Campaign / Setting.

This is for the GameMaster/DungeonMaster that needs adventure seeds, tons of conflicts, locations, NPC:s and tons and tons of intrigue.

This campaign book is created for you to use as a base for a larger campaign in a dungeon. Use this to make your own amazing dungeons - or take one of the three included maps, and use this with any of the 6 detailed Quests - or roll a D20 on the Adventure Seed Table and go from there!

This book contains:
  • 20 locations, most with D20 Location specific Loot Tables​

  • 15 NPC, most are Location Specific and most with D6 Name Tables​

  • 71 full color, full page illustrations​

  • 25 D20 tables with Events, Meetings, Magic and much more!​

  • 6 Detailed Quests, some with their own tables​

  • D20 adventure seed table​

  • D100 treasure table​

  • 3 Full spread maps​

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