Kickstarter DarkHyve Assault Terrain - Launching soon

Launching soon on Kickstarter - DarkHyve Assault!


This large modular sci-fi terrain set on is designed around our Assault Series terrain range. which allows you to mix & match pillars, junctions, walls, platforms, doors, accessories and thematic features to craft your ideal terrain setup that's different every game! It even has integration options for our Zectonium Prison Mines set.




Check out the pre-launch page here.

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ENDING SOON! Don't miss out on this HUGE terrain set that's already had 22 stretch goals unlocked!


What's been unlocked?

DarkHyve Assault Core Set
Zectonium Integration Kit
Gantries set
Gothic Tech Theme
Blast Plating Theme
Retro Tech Vaults Theme
Junction Inserts
Spire Columns
Crossbeams & Pillars
Platforms Kit
Hidden Cult Theme
Scatter Pack
Corner Walls
Damaged Sections
Secure Area
Pillar Upgrades
Double Height Windows
80+ Mini Bases
Double Height Beams
Junction Toppers
Large Hinged Gates
LED Integration for Walls & Junctions
Low Walls

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