DC20 Kickstarter launch on June 4th


Roll for Combat are YT content creators. You listed their successful crowdfunded projects. That's exactly what I said- YouTubers with dedicated audiences that will buy their stuff without batting an eye, because they're fans of the creators.
Right. Just pointing out that that's a successful channel that covers PF2e and has had successful PF2e Kickstarters.

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And then he presents every little idea he has as if he was a high octane young Billy Mays selling you the most brilliant product ever on an infomercial at 3 am.
It took me a while to piece together why he presents the way he does and then I watched a few YouTube fitness coach videos to look at some pointers on weight training techniques and most of them have that same style. He is just riffing on the "coach" angle which is probably how he managed to differentiate himself from the countless other D&D YouTube influencers. I don't really take to it when the fitness influencers do it either, but at least his schtick doesn't seem totally out of left field now as it did when I first came on to it.


Lots of chatter out there - you have to do something to seperate yourself from the pack.

And being an established "game designer" isn't enough on its own anymore. That being said, it sure seems to help when you have made your name in the 5e sphere first...
I agree with all of this, I just think the 'older generation' of designers has not always adopted to the new world yet, and it shows in their KS results


all of them are, some are below a third....
... And 13th Age is below a third of what DC20 got in three days.
13th Age is closer to the ballpark of a Roll for Combat bestiary supplement than DC20 (or Shadowdark or MCDM).
I wish them the best, but 13th Age bungled their Kickstarter's potential and the promotion of their new edition.

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