DDAL DDAL06-02 The Redemption of Kelvan Released

The latest adventure for AL, DDAL06-02 The Redemption of Kelvan has been released.

A strange, foreign wizard calling himself Kelvan has appeared at the same time a mountain materializes out of thin air. He asks you to recover the Gloomblade from a Netherese ruin in order to help him in his researcch into this strange new mountain.
A Two-hour Adventure for 5th-10th level characters (optimized for 8th-level).


While you can play the three White Plume Mountain adventures in any order, I think they work best as DDAL06-02 first then DDEP06-02 then the White Plume Mountain adventure in the hardcover.

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Rotten DM
The Redemption of Kelvan Started at 609 Finished at 838. So we went long. Part was set up the various maps. Some was due to players taking a lot of time to think their next move. The first encounter was bust as the players were still trying to decide who could see and not. So I let that go. The rays of light was slow since the room was tight and people could not move forward if their buddy ahead of them did not move. Once the trap was trigger it did get interesting. I had one socerer dash through the beams and live, only to zero out later as he tried to exit the room. The mirrors room was made moe effective as one person said they move the mirror slowly and the others turned them. Again the group was slow to move and interact with the room which slowed game time. I suggest if the group drags their feet the hallway dumps into the room and after 6 rounds some damage with saves are given. The chill room was fun as they trigger some of the nets repeatly. Everyone love the clockwork room and I even had one person sitting on the lever to prevent from moving. The group did take a long rest before the chill room. To keep things interesting and cut time on game play clock I suggest only a short rest be allowed. I did have and 6 person average party but when the group ranges from level 5 to level 10 a dm may want to bump one room up to strong. Oh we were running two tables of the same module. I lost some gamers and picked most of the second table to start white plume.

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