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Not sure this counts as a thread necro as the last post was only a couple weeks ago.

When you take the "Ritual Caster" feat, you choose a class which it applies to. This doesn't have to be the same class as any of your character levels. As such, a Cleric is perfectly fine choosing "Wizard" as the class associated with the feat, allowing them to scribe wizard rituals into the ritual book.

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Re-open this thread:

Thinking about Death cleric - with little funny taste - using mexican death celebrating makeups. So colorful masks, flowers,... (Charlatan background for disguise kit)

from 1st lvl, standard array, Vhuman allowed.

And I'm thinking about Vhuman with many variant of feats:
  • Magic Initiate - Cleric - Why again Cleric? Got 2 cantrips more so I can have Chill touch and Toll of Death or Spare the Dying to cover attack or save enemies and still double targets with Reaper or double stabilization, + 1 first level spell and a slot for it (Bless or Cure wounds are useful spells so It's possible to cast them once per day and lets my slots free for anything else)
  • Magic Initiate - Wizard - Find familiar, Chill touch and Toll of death and Spare the Dying again together.
  • Magic Initiate - Druid - Thorn whip (30 ft melee attack with Divine strike and Touch of death), Guidance (for 2 from Chill, Toll, Spare), and probably healing (as from Cleric initiate)
  • Magic Initiate - Warlock - Again Chill, Toll and Spare triplets or Eldritch blast for Necro immunities (Inescable Destruction ignore only resistance, but do nothing with immunity) and Hex (yeah next 1d6 necro dmg)

- Warcaster - advantage on concentration, AoO with cantrips (wohoo), casting with weapon and shield.

so many good options only one can be choosen...
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