Dragonlance Death Dragons and how to run them, from Aabria lyengar, including stat details


I crit!
Lich adjacent?!? Cool.

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen includes DEATH DRAGONS! Learn more about this horrifying new monsters that breath necrotic purple flames and raise the dead as its minions with Joe Starr and Aabria lyengar!


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I ... I couldn't make it through the gushing on that video. Sounds very Game of Thrones, though. How different are Death Dragons from Dracoliches?
It is similar to a lich in that it is not a mindless undead? It doesn't really seem like a lich to me much at all, lore wise at least.

The stat block information is limited. There is this:


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It is not a mindless undead? It doesn't really seem like a lich to me, lore wise at least. There is this:

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The stat block information is limited
necrotic damage save for half no 'or die rider' and auto animate... this is SOOO awesome.

part of me wishes it had the disentigrate rider "If this damage brings you to 0 you are killed out right and animated as undead under the dragons control" but even as is imagine straffing over an average army... 10d8 average 45 half 23 seems like a lot of dead


Dracoliches (and all Liches) aren’t mindless undead.
That is my point. It is like a lich in that it is not a mindless undead. But that is about it.

EDIT: I revised my post you quoted as I understand why you were confused. It should be more clear now.

I mean doesn't sleep and can't be snuck around are two different things... maybe they don't know about draco liches. but this sounds amazing. I love the idea that it is fighting itself AND you at the same time

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