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Death in the Darkness
Grim Press

Each volume is packed with full-color art that illustrates multiple types of 5e compatible content surrounding a central theme
: Magic Items, Classes & Archetypes, Magical Spells, Monsters & NPCs, Ancestries, and Short Adventures.

Death in the Darkness contains the following:
MAGIC ITEM SET - Rumors speak about the Sanguis Lord's power, but the true strength is found when you've acquired all four pieces of this unique item set.
MAGICAL SPELLS - Creeping from the darkness, these eight spells are sure to haunt your adventures.
GM VARIANT RULE: UNDEAD TRAITS - Mundane skeletons and zombies are boring, so let's spice them up a touch! These variant rules will introduce some unique qualities to help keep your players on their toes.
GHOULISH BESTIARY - Fourteen new creatures are ready to shamble into your campaign, including a template to create rot dragons from the corpses of fallen remains.
UNDEAD ENCOUNTER - A short undead encounter that can be dropped into any campaign, complete with a battle map depicting a small settlement besieged by an undead army.

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