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Deuce Traveler's Sewer Rats


Hardnose made it a quarter of the way across the rope, hand over hand, before his sweaty grip came loose and he fell. Luckily he fell just short of the sewage water and onto the walkway. Unluckily the impact is quite audible.

OOC: Hardnose is now on the ground, but unhurt. The rope is still taut across the passageway. What actions is everyone taking?

Fergus gestures to the halfling to hurry over as he lays flat to pull the halfling up once across.

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First Post
His fall from the rope to the walkway was quite noisy, so Hardnose decides that stealth is no longer an option and hurries across to the far wall. He starts to scramble back up the wall with Fergus' help.

Deuce Traveler

Fergus helps Hardnose up the wall and he quickly scrambles up with little difficulty. Needles takes the moment to quickly pull up the rope so it is out of the way. The party stays still and silent on both sides of the passageway. Steps are eventually heard from a pair on patrol, a hulking giant of a brute led by a much smaller figure. They walk next to the spot where Hardnose fell, and look around, but luckily not up.

You peer to look at the shorter figure. She is an elderly goblin with a wrinkled face that looks like a dried green grape with two beady eyes and thin lips with bright pink lipstick. She wears a pale blue dress with pink flower patterns that look as if it would fit better as a wallpaper pattern than on a walking body. A horribly ugly blue self-made lady's hat rests on her head, a white flower resting along the wide brim. Except for a wand hanging on her hip, she seems unarmed, but her companion insures she doesn't need to be. She speaks with a natural ability to tsk...

"I tell you Ethel, I know I heard something. My hearing's still good. I can still hear it when my cousin mutters under breath and I know I heard something over here."

Ethel doesn't look convinced, but simply stares vacantly, shrugs and utters, "Urg." Ethel is an ogre, and the most terrifying ogre you've ever seen. This ogre might be a female ogre, as it is wearing a too-tight yellow summer dress, bright red lipstick, and a too-small yellow self-made lady's hat with a red, blue, and green flower attached to the front and above the brim. Ethel wears a human-sized purse slung over her shoulder, which looks tiny in comparison to her large frame. From the bulge in the purse, you swear it must be filled with rocks and have little doubt it could make for a formidable swinging weapon.

"Perhaps we should look around and see if we can't find the cause. I don't like mysteries or surprises. Especially not mysterious surprises. Don't even like my gifts wrapped," the female goblin rambles while she turns and heads down another passage.

Ethel grunts a sigh of "Urg," and follows. Soon they are out of sight once more.

OOC: The next volunteer to go across is up. Option 1: make a DC 10 Move Silently check to drop down and move across without making much noise, followed by a DC 12 Climb Check to get up the next wall. Or use the rope that Fergus slings back across to your team and make a single DC 14 Climb Check.


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When Hardnose sees the tarted up humanoids he has to put his hand over his mouth to stop himself laughing out loud. Only when they have left and he is sure they out of earshot does he turn to Fergus and say "Well now I've seen everything. On a more serious note we have to assume that anyone dressed-up may not be what they seem."

Fangor the Fierce

First Post
Needles had kept quiet. Something was not right to him, but he couldn't put his clawed finger on it. Shaking his head at the deft fall from Hardnose, Needles decides to show them how it's REALLY done. With a shake of his head, he clambers across the opening, moving as silently as he can and to the other side to be pulled up to safety.

He easily moves without making a sound that would alert anyone of his presence. When he reaches the other side, and is safe, he looks over to Hardnose, adding with a mocking bow and whispers, "That's how it's done..."


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Gunzuul frowns as he comes face to face with the flaw in this plan.

"Huh! Moving silently is not exactly my forte. Oh well, here goes nothing."

He proceeds to tiptoe across the space.

Clatter. Crash.

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