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ZEITGEIST Deva vs. Witchoil


Tried to post this once - if it posts twice, I apologize.

If a deva dies near witchoil, does their soul get sucked in, ending their reincarnation cycle? Or does Srasama's blessing/curse render them immune from witchoil's effect, and they just reincarnate as usual?

Here's the context:

Just finished The Dying Skyseer. One of the characters died in the fight with the bleak golem. Since he died near witchoil, his soul got sucked in.

After much discussion with the group, we decided we wanted to keep his character in the game. So I wrote up a vivid description of what it's like to have your soul mired in witchoil. And his compatriots had a very difficult time having him resurrected - but at last succeeded.

Now that character has Very Personal Reasons for hating witchoil. And all the characters are having some deep discussions about what a soul actually is. One of my characters is a deva, so the question of how witchoil interacts with a deva's soul came up.

Is there an official answer? (Did I miss it in the text?)

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