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D&D General Dias Ex Machina’s stance on the 1.2 OGL

Dias Ex Machina

Publisher / Game Designer
Dias Ex Machina’s stance on 1.2 (UPDATE)

Dias Ex Machina has read the 1.2 OGL draft released on January 19th. We have looked over the conditions. And outside of reaching out to them to ensure future products like Heavenfall and Amethyst Revelations are compliant with their conditions regarding hateful or inflammatory content (not that we believe they are, but we do employ allegory in order to encourage inclusive messaging), we see no issue moving forward with it.

Dias Ex Machina does not publish any work that would violate this new OGL, and the termination of the 1.0a, regardless of the legality of doing so, does not technically hamper current or future publications. Do we support the de-authorization? No. But as a business, we need to move forward.

If what they are implying is correct, and if DND Beyond makes itself available for compliant 3rd party publishers, Dias Ex Machina will make an effort to offer products on that storefront.

We have no intention of pursuing animation, NFTs, or other non-tabletop RPG-related products.

I believe that this is a huge step forward.

Is WOTC’s reputation damaged? Yes? Can they recover? I believe so. They recovered from 4E; they can recover from this.

For me, this fight is drawing to a close. I am looking forward to seeing where WOTC goes and hope they don’t walk backward again. If they do, I’ll go back into the fight. But for now, I really need to get back into content creation. Because the roadblocks, in my opinion…are gone. So I’d like to go back to creating content for my fans (not like I actually stopped) and continue supporting systems like D&D in the future.

And to those wishing to continue fanning this flame until the brand is in ashes, you are free to do so as you wish, but I am not supporting the idea of seeing D&D burn so a few people can feel warm.

Thank you.

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Dias Ex Machina

Publisher / Game Designer
I think people are taking a bit of an extreme interpretation of what I said because literally there are people calling for a boycott of anyone "supporting" Hasbro. I am not "surrendering".

With products like Ultramodern5, which has no IP affixed to it, I see no reason creating a NEW UM5 that is 1.2-compliant IF I can sell it on DND Beyond. This identical book would work alongside the original version on DTRPG.

However, in regards to Amethyst, Affinity, Apex, NeuroSpasta, and especially the upcoming Heavenfall, I am slightly more skittish and have issues with legal language presented in the 1.2 OGL.

I am still on the ORC list, and I am hoping it will do what I hope it will. If it allows me to publish 5E content outside of WOTC with the legal protection of this new OGL, I'd be stupid to not stay with that.

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