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Are you a fan of play-by-post (PbP) games? We've just made PbP at EN World even better! Now, not only do we have one of the oldest, largest, and busiest PbP communities in the world, we also boast a secure dice roller which integrates with your posts!

Our dice roller cannot be edited or deleted - if you make a die roll during your PbP game, it's attached to your post and cannot be changed, fudged, cheated, or anything else. You don't get to see the result before it's attached to your post, so you can't exit out and start again. The rolls you make using our dice roller are genuine.

Oh, and they're pretty. You can see the actual dice.

To use the dice roller, simply click on the "Add Dice Roll" button on one of your posts. You then select the combination of dice and modifiers you wish to roll, and give it a brief description. You can even save up a list of rolls and attach them all at once. Then you simply hit "Roll!" and you're done. The rolls automatically appear in your post.

At the moment, we handle a basic xdy+z format, and cover d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100 and FATE (or FUDGE) dice; along with dice pools, exploding dice, and more. All in an easy-to-use graphical interface which requires no formatting bizarre codes and formulae, and which cannot be edited or cheated.

As well as appearing in your post, a new profile tab will record all of your die rolls - for posterity, security, or whatever other reason you can think of!

[h=1]The Rolling Interface[/h]
First, find one of your posts. You have to create the post before you can attach a dice roll to it. This is how we ensure that the system is secure - using an external system, you can cheat it and choose to submit your post only when you have the result you want, but using our system it can't be cheated because it attaches to an existing post and can't be edited; feel free to think the logic through, but this is the only way to logically make a messageboard dice roll secure and uncheatable - the roll can't be made prior to your decision to make your post, otherwise you could choose not to make that post.[/I]

Look for this button in the bottom right of your post, alongside "Edit" and the others. You'll only find it on your own posts - you can't attach dice rolls to other people's posts, of course!


When you click on the "Add Dice Roll" button on one of your posts, you'll be taken to a screen which looks like this:


You simply enter your dice rolls (as many as you need) and then hit the "Roll!" button. The dice rolls will then be attached to your post - and you will not be able to change or delete them. They'll look something like this:


You can continue to add as many dice rolls to your post as you like.

In addition, your dice rolls are all recorded in your profile, under the "Dice Rolls" tab:


As you can see, this is a completely secure dice rolling function for playing PbP games on EN World. Your GM can believe the rolls he sees, can verify them, and has a permanent record of them. It's also simple to use (no formulae, BB codes, copying and pasting, typing out quadratic equations or anything like that), and will remain this simple as we continue to add further functionality.

[h=1]Other Functions[/h]

The Dice Roller can accomodate a number of other functions. Any functions applied to a dice roll will be listed in the results output in your post. So you can't ask it to reroll anything under a 3 and hope nobody will notice - the results box will tell them exactly what you did!

ADD/COUNT - by default the system adds the dice together. However, you can instead ask it to count the number of rolls which score a certain number or higher (for use in some editions of Shadowrun, the StoryTeller System, or other games).

You may then select other operations to be applied to the dice. These operations take place BEFORE the system adds or counts the result. Select these functions by checking the box next to them and entering any relevant values.

DISCARD - this tells the system to discard low-rolling dice. A classic example is how some editions of D&D allow you to roll 4d6 and discard the lowest when determining ability scores. The number you enter in the box tells the system how many dice to discard. The discarded dice will still appear graphically in the results output, but the system will not count them when compiling the total.

REROLL - this tells the system that it should reroll any dice which score a certain number or less (for example, systems which allow you to reroll 1s). The results output does not show the original roll; it shows the reroll.

EXPLODE - exploding dice systems allow you to reroll a die which rolls a certain target number (usually, but not always, the die's maximum value) and add the new result to the previous one. There is no limit to the number of additional rerolls - if the additional roll achieves the target number, it is rolled yet again and added to the current total. The system will explode the dice automatically and show you the final result.

While you must choose either ADD or COUNT to be applied to the final die rolls, you may select any , none, or all of DISCARD, REROLL and EXPLODE, which apply to the rolling process itself.

[h=1]Saving Favourite Dice Rolls[/h]

It's likely that you will have some rolls which you make frequently. You can save frequently used die rolls for quick access. When you compose the roll, click "Make Favourite" instead of "Roll" or "Save and add more!" - the die roll will then appear in this box.

You can quickly roll any favourite die roll by clicking on the "Roll!" button underneath it (note that this will also roll any pending die rolls). You can add it to you Pending Die Rolls queue by clicking on "Add", and you can delete it permanently by clicking on "Delete".


I've been asked these two questions one hundred gazillion times. So here are the answers:
  • Can we have a streamlined version of the results display? Yes. Simply go to your Settings page, click on Edit Options on the left, and scroll down to Thread Display Options. Select whether you would like EN World's inegrated secure dice roller to display dice rolls in full (with dice graphics and full details) or in streamlined view (simple text). It will look something like this in streamlined view:

  • Why do we have to post first then add the dice roll? Because that's what makes it secure. Otherwise you could just opt not to submit the post if you didn't like the result. This way you can't cheat.

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