Level Up (A5E) Did the Queensguard get genericized?


I was really interested in the Queensguard as a listed concept when I was considering the KS, only to find that their role in the AG was limited to the flavor text at the start of the Berserker section. I'm wondering what happened to them and from what I can assume, they may have been genericized from elven berserkers to the Dreadnought in order to allow more freedom for the players to flavor the archetype. If that were the case, I'd love to know where I could find out more about the Queensguard!

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Well, that was fun
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It was just a word I used in one line in one example of fluff text. I was just imagining what a different take on a barbarian might look like. Though I have given some thought to making it an archetype at some point. Maybe in the Gate Pas Gazette.


Thank you for the clarification, I had been under the assumption that it was intended to be in the book is some form.

And if you do publish it as an archetype, I can say you'll guarantee at least one subscription to the Gazette.

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