DIE by Kieron Gillon and Stephanie Hans, Comic and RPG

DIE is a comic book written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Stephanie Hans. It's a new take on the concept of RPG players being transported to the fictional world of their game, much like the D&D cartoon of old. As teenagers in the 1990s, a group of 6 friends vanish into the game, and 5 return two years later, unable to provide any details of where they've been or what has happened to them. The story picks up years later when, as adults, they are dragged back into the game. It's a great comic, with a lot of meta commentary about games and fiction and RPGs, and with very impressive artwork.

The collection of the first 5 issues, "Fantasy Heartbreaker" is out now, and issue 6 is due in August.

I'm posting this here because in addition to being a great comic book that most folks here would be interested in, there are also now beta rules for an actual game inspired by the comic. Below is a link to an interview with Shut Up and Sit Down, which includes links to the comic and also the beta rules.


Has anyone been reading this comic? Has anyone given the game a try yet? I've only glanced at the rules, but it definitely seems interesting. Kind of a game about people playing games. It seems like you could go a number of ways with it.

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