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Digital vs physical media which do you prefer?

Digital vs physical media which do you prefer?

  • physical media

    Votes: 40 44.4%
  • Digital

    Votes: 13 14.4%
  • a mix

    Votes: 37 41.1%

Prime has them for sale.
incorrect, prime only has seasons 1-2,16-20 for sell. Peacock only has seasons 8-20,and 23 for streaming.
EDIT: Unless you mean hard copies, which case yes.

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I guess it depends what youre talking about? for music while I still have physical CD's and Vinyl I mostly consume music on my iphone. It's all music that I curated and not through any services like Apple Music or Spotify. I also have my Technics 1200MKII turntable connected to a pair of decent bookshelf speakers in case I want to listen to my vinyl.

For books, it's a mix. but mostly physical. For TTRPG's is definitley both when I can afford it. For reading I prefer the physical books but for actual prep PDF's are the way to go. For Comics is mostly physical. If a comic has a free digital code I'd use it for multiple reads of a book as to avoid wear and tear on a physical copy. I collect alot of omnibuses so those are pretty much all physical.

For movies and TV it's a mix. I'm relying less and less on existing streaming services. I still purchase physical BluRays and have a decent physical library of movies and TV on BluRay and DVD. I also have a Synology NAS that I use to store and stream movies and TV shows (via PLEX) that I've ripped from disc. These days I'm watching things mostly from my own curated streaming service on the NAS. But when I want to watch something in higher quality with better sound I'm popping in a BluRay/4K disc in my PS5 and watching that.

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