Dire Animals

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Wicht said:
i am surprised no one has mentioned pigs yet.

I thought everyone knew that when farms go bad it is the pigs who are to blame. I bet an evil farm would be run by communistic fiendish dire pigs.
"All animals are created equal
but some are more equal than others."


I am working on a prestige class whose members consume the flesh of dire animals, to become stronger.

Also in the works is “Nature of the Beast”, an IRC chat-based game where the PCs begin as awakened forest animals. When I get the campaign information up, I’ll post a note about it.

And now for something completely different... a fiendish angelfish ;)


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MeepoTheMighty said:
Considering how some of the layers of the Abyss are infinite oceans, I'm sure there are several fiends who would love to sleep with a fish :)

Big Evil Demon: If you keep acting like that Toadie you will soon be sleeping with the fishes!

Toadie: Ya mean it boss? Ya're too good ta me

different worlds, different vernaculars.

Off course, there is the fact that most fish don't actually, well, you know... fertilize their eggs like mammals.

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