D&D 5E DM Confessions: What monsters do you overuse?


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I overuse Goblinoids and Fiends. Every type of goblin get's used in my campaign but most of the time the goblins and bugbear's are being manipulated/led by the more organized and cunning hobgoblin's. Hobgoblin's are just really appealing to me because they our a LE martial focused society. Similar to orcs they believe the strong have the right of conquest. But where orcs want to just raid and kill what's around them, Hobgoblins want to CONTROL and RULE. and if they're armies can't conquer their neighbor's welp it'd be to bad if those pesky bugbear's and goblin's kept causing problem's on our neighbor's borders.

Demon's get overused. The amount of destruction they can weave through an area is absolutely amazing. Not very many mortal armies can stand up to demonic incursion so it takes a truly skilled party to heal and stop that type of demonic incursion. Even if demon's are not the sole purpose of the campaign, the party can bet they will run across one and they'll eventually have to shut down a portal to the abyss. Unknown Dyson described pretty perfectly why I like to use demon's to much. Something appealing about something that can not be reasoned with.

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I also overuse goblinoid.
Heck in the current campaign I'm running there are four different goblin tribes fighting for territory and the local village (and adventurers) are caught in the crossfire.


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It's ghosts for me. Every damn place has a ghost or two. They allow you to show plot points, bits of history and exposition in a really interesting way. The can also be approached as either combat or social challenges.

Wow. I think you just convinced me to litter Rappan Athuk with the ghosts of dead adventurers.


I've been guilty of more than once using Mind-flayed Liches (and at least one aboleth lich)

Other pet go-tos

Demons (not Devils)
Undead in general - death knights!!
Troll (usually one under a bridge somewhere)

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