DM Issue: Revealing mapped areas to the players


I use a laptop during my game and draw out the map for my players. When I can afford to by an LCD projector, I'll display the map on the wall and use Photoshop and it's layering ability(erase the top layer as the players explore) to reveal the areas.

Currently, though I use what I call a "session-behind" method. I edit the map on the computer to reveal only the areas the players have explored during the prevoius session. I then print that and take it to the game so the players can see it. During the session I hand draw the new areas for the players so they have the general idea of what it looks like. I'll update the map showing newly explored areas, print it and take it to the next game.

BTW: I'm running RTEE and the players are in the Crater Ridge Mines with 234 rooms/areas so this method works extremely well.

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