Review DM's Guild Review of Cubonomicon (D&D 5e) from Rogue Watson!


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Do you like oozes? Really, really like oozes? The Cubonomoicon provides over 30 new variants of one of the most iconic monsters in Dungeons & Dragons, the Gelatinous Cube.

We’ve got portal cubes! Frigid cubes! Blinking shock cubes! Fiery cubes with big floating eyeballs inside! Cubes that transport mind flayers! Big ass cubes! And cute tiny cubes that can form a gargantuan cubepocalypse! -Rogue Watson

Watch and read the review here!

Find Cubonomicon on the DM's Guild below!

🧊Cubonomicon PDF: The Cubonomicon - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

🧊 Cubonomicon Fantasy Grounds: The Cubonomicon (Fantasy Grounds) - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

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