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The Priest, the Witch and the Lost Temple:

Hi folks. I'm new to this group and to publishing D&D adventures more generally. But I'm proud to have published my very first adventure on the DMs Guild.

At the risk of shameless self-promotion, you can find the adventure at the link below. And reviews and comments would be most welcome!


The Priest, the Witch, and the Lost Temple is an adventure for characters of levels 2 to 3. The adventure takes place in the town of Whitehaven – an isolated community that I’ve situated in the Sword Coast. In so doing, I have used the lore and geography of the Forgotten Realms, although the adventure should be easily adapted to other settings.

The town of Whitehaven is beset with undead. The townsfolk are quick to blame the so-called Witch of Whitehaven, who lives nearby with her partner in the Surbrin Hills. Yet a more insidious evil lurks in the midst of town, cloaked in a holy man’s robes. And far underground, an ancient evil artifact stirs. The town is in need of heroes. Will you answer the call?

In this adventure, you will find:

  • 35 pages of content, not including front and back cover, table of contents, and credits pages
  • a description of the town of Whitehaven
  • a vivid cast of characters in the town and beyond
  • a variety of locations that could be used or adapted elsewhere, including a town, crypts, a wizard’s home, and an underground temple


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