DMs Guild Wintry Adventure, 1st-10th Level Available Now


Are you looking for your next adventure?

Why not try Tides of Winter, which is an adventure for 4-5 PCs, 1st to 10th level, and is available at the DMs Guild. Given how chilly the weather has suddenly become in my corner of the world, it feels a fitting time.

This is the first time I've ever published anything for D&D, and as it's just me (a one-man army), it's been a pretty big undertaking. Set in a wintry setting, it would follow on nicely from Rime of the Frostmaiden, or even Storm King's Thunder (if your stint on that involved the frost giants). Similarly, it can be run completely stand-alone and is a natural bed fellow of anything that takes place in Icewind Dale.

Tides of Winter is an exploration-based module; a hex-crawl, set in the coldest place on the Material plane. It's designed so that travel time adds some colour; journeying into the wilderness, far from civilisation is dangerous, not just because of the monsters lurking there, but by virtue of the scarcity of food; and the horrendous temperatures and the supernatural perils plaguing the snowscape. It leans into this heavily – though any bits that don't appeal are easily removed – and yes, it was inspired by my love of all things Scandinavian, as well as elements of a certain well-known TV show from a few years back.

While the main thrust of the quest is linear, I was sure to include two large sections (Chapters 2 and 6) that are deliberately open and sandbox-ish in design and scope. I also get that some groups bristle at the thought of beginning things at 1st level, so if that's you, I have you covered as well. Skip the Prologue, and start at Chapter 1. There are eight Chapters in all, which include three dungeons, one medium sized and the other two large.


The whole thing clocks in at 205 pages, and contains a good amount of art work, maps and tables. Also included, of course, are:-
  • New monster stat blocks
  • Magic items
  • A page of feats specifically designed for the adventure
  • Full complement of maps
  • New spells.
On top of this, all the information needed about the region, complete with tables for random encounters and wilderness challenges, is included.

Also included is a full Dramatis Personae, which covers all NPCs, ordered by adventure chapter and then alphabetically. Each entry has three concise bullet points (goals, etc.), to help you run them quickly and easily. I find other adventures could really use this, as the DM has enough to read through as it is.

Also included as a separate document is a Player's Guide. This is designed for the DM to distribute with players, to help them create characters that stand the best chance of succeeding in this dangerous adventure and setting. It also sets out some of the proposed changes to standard rules – all the kind of stuff you'd usually cover in Session 0. Hopefully, this document will help with some of the heavy lifting on this front.Lastly, I've included a Read Me, to share some helpful context for the DM to wrap their head around the design of this adventure.

A Note On Maps

The wonderful team at Heroic Maps has been extremely kind in its support of Tides of Winter. Heroic Maps produces outstanding maps that can be printed out and assembled ready for table top play, or used for whatever Virtual Tabletop (VTT) platform you use – in stunning detail. Very soon, I'll have a link to add to the product page on DMs Guild, to Heroic Maps' page for a special bundle of the maps used in this adventure at a discount.


I'm just one of countless unknown creators, and I realise and appreciate things are tough and choosing to take a punt on an unknown can be risky. I hope that the low price helps in this regard, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Of course, I'm very happy to answer any questions if you have them.



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