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DMs Guild Top Authors Megabundle Part 2


Looks like there is an AL adventure in the mix as well.

Is it OK that I posted the whole summary?

The link above has my afiliate id.

100+ Character "Ribbons" by DiBastet
Regular price: $1.00
Bundle price: $0.13
Format: Watermarked PDF
Do you think that for all the talk about the Three Pillars, 5e is severely lacking in anything but combat abilities? This product aims to fix that as a simple add-on to the core rules. It doesn't change any other aspect of the rules, it just adds a new layer to them. All character classes gain Ribbons -useful and maybe powerful abilities for the Exploration pillar- at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th and 18th levels. Since these abilities don't have direct combat application, they won't mess with balance.

Inside you'll find more than 100 Ribbons like these: Fast Crawl There's no such a thing as "crawling speed" to you as you move fast and easily through the underbrush. You may crawl (move while prone) at your normal speed. ...

18 + 1 Feats by DiBastet
Regular price: $1.00
Bundle price: $0.13
Format: Watermarked PDF
The Player's Handbook gives us a nice selection of feats that we enjoy a lot. However here in Secrets of Alancia we believe that certain feat choices were missing, feats that were necessary for our character concepts back when we started playing.Inside this product you'll find the first batch of feats that we created for our games. These feats were playtested and more importantly, used in real characters and games by me and my players since September 2014. If you guys enjoy these we will compile the other ones!Inside you will find feats that resemble the Martial Adept feat, that allow you to slightly dip into another iconic role, more weapon style feats, like shield bashing, knife fighting, versatile weapon mastery and whip shenanigans, and much more!


25 New Backgrounds
Regular price: $2.99
Bundle price: $0.37
Format: PDF

From the simple farmer to the masked vigilante to the enigmatic spymaster, this text contains 25 new backgrounds to round out your character in new ways. Each background presents a new option with a full set of options, identical to the format provided in the Player's Handbook.

For only eight cents per background, this is a bargain that will provide you and your players with flavorful new options for your campaign today.

Please rate, review and discuss this title! Your support is appreciated.<...

5MWD Presents: Feats
Regular price: $0.50
Bundle price: $0.06
Format: PDF
5 Minute Workday Presents: Feats

Fight with shield and defend yourself with a scabard, tap into the magic of your blood, unfurl the wings of your draconic heritage, or rip apart your enemies with twin daggers.

This product contains twenty-two new feats for your 5th Edition game.

Also By this Author
If you like this PDF, check out some of the other products from 5 Minute Workday Presents line, including:

Variant Rules

Items of Wonder

Diseases & Poisons



5MWD Presents: The Giant Killer's Companion
Regular price: $1.00
Bundle price: $0.13
Format: Watermarked PDF
5 Minute Workday Presents: The Giant Killer's Companion New Class Archetypes and rules to help you slay giants in your Storm King's Thunder campaign!
Face titanic enemies and win with these eleven new subclasses. Unleash your rage with twin weapons with the Path of Whirling Steel, stand fast against deadly foes with the Sentry martial archetype, swear to protect the weak with the Oath of the Bastion, and sell your soul to Bahamat (or Tiamat) with the Great Wyrm pact. And more!

Also included is a table of giant themed trinkets, a handful or magic items inspired by giant stories of sold, and some spells for funsies.

Last but not least, for the Dungeon Masters there's optional rules for attacking limbs, so your players can't kill giants as easily by stabbing th...

Al-Qadim Archetypes: Scimitars Against the Dark
Regular price: $5.95
Bundle price: $0.74
Format: Watermarked PDF
Al-Qadim Archetypes: Scimitars Against the Dark presents six new subclasses as well as new spells, new monsters, a new variant race, and more for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition!

With an emphasis on exploring the seas and deserts of Al-Qadim, this PDF contains everything you need to take on the evil that threaten the Land of Fate, but also includes easy guidelines for using these options in any setting you like! New class archetypes-- based on the original Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures and Wolfgang Baur's "Campaign Journal: Scimitars Against the Dark" in Dragon Magazine-- contain not just rules, but full subclass descriptions and setting material to help you or your players role-play these new archetypes to the hilt. The all-new archetypes include:


Art for Your Adventures Set 4
Regular price: $4.95
Bundle price: $0.62
Format: ZIP File

By Patrick E. Pullen


Art Helps Sale literature.

Here are 60 pieces of art that I have posted which can be used to enhance the look of your products, such as your Drive Thru RPG, DMs Guild and RPG Now projects. The art has been compressed into 1 zip file for easy download.

There are over 30 color "Covers”, professional ink/pencil sketches, acrylic paintings and digital artwork ready to add to your adventures and projects to make them look more pr...

Blood on the Trail - Adventure
Regular price: $1.50
Bundle price: $0.19
Format: Watermarked PDF
"Awesome for new players." - Iron Emblem Gaming.

"a perfect adventure for new players and DMs. Easy to follow, great storyline and amusing NPCs. What more could you want?!" - The Scrollarium

Bale, the kind gnome and owner of Bale's Outfitting Outpost, requests that the adventurers track down a group of youngsters that rented horses from him. The horses are overdue and Bale believes that he may have been swindled. Unbeknownst to the gnome, the party of young adventurers has met a dark fate.

Will your adventurers accept Bale's request to track down the youngsters and, in doing so, find out what really happened? Or will they leave more blood on the trail?

A 2 to 3-...

Calendar of Harptos
Regular price: $1.00
Bundle price: $0.13
Format: Watermarked PDF
The Calendar of Harptos is the primary calendar used across Faerun. Use this to track events in your campaign, phases of the moon, and as a player hand out. Holidays are noted on their respective days, mid-month events such as Midsummer are noted at the end of the month that they follow, and additional regional festivals and holidays specific to various religions are noted as well.

Use this as a visual aid, roleplaying tool, and campaign tracker all in one!

The Calendar of Harptos contains:

The 12 months of the Calendar of Harptos as individual pages, formatted for landscape printing, featuring moon phases and notable holidays and festivals. A listing of additional festivals and special events celebrated seasonally, by various faiths or regions. Four appendices,...

CCC-UCON-01 Blood & Fog
Regular price: $4.99
Bundle price: $0.62
Format: Watermarked PDF
Heavy mists have plagued the area around Phlan for weeks, even after the reported death ofVorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence. People have been disappearing in those deadly fogs, andnow dead bodies are turning up. A D&D Adventurer’s League adventure set in the QuiveringForest.

A 4-hour Adventure for 5th – 10th Level Characters

This adventure originally debuted as custom content for the U-Con convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Visit them at https://www.ucon-gaming.org/


Classless 5e by DiBastet
Regular price: $2.00
Bundle price: $0.25
Format: Watermarked PDF
"I want to be a barbarian, but I want to trade Rage for something cool..."

There was a time that I would laugh (more) at that, but as the years passed I learned that I don't exactly like classes. You see, I understand they help new players and such, but I much prefer classes like the d20 modern ones, just a framework that you use to build your own hero.

So we created our own rules to play a classless rpg. It took us a lot of time and effort, specially playtest, going from an originally complex ruleset to something much simpler after some iterations, until we found something that we enjoyed and kept with 5e's spirit. But in the end we were pretty satisfied with the final result...

D&D Citizens: Extra NPCs
Regular price: $1.95
Bundle price: $0.24
Format: PDF
Appendix B of the Monster Manual provides a number of generic NPCs that can be used in numerous ways, especially if “re-skinned” in a different role. For example, the bandit NPC on page 343 of the MM can easily work as a brigand, a street tough, a mercenary recruit, and so on. However, while it might represent a pirate, there are better ways to capture that archetype.

The NPCs herein are meant to fill a number of gaps and provide you with a larger variety of characters to inhabit the worlds you create, ranging from CR 1/8 to CR 6.

Alchemist (CR 1) Apprentice Mage (CR 1/8) Bounty Hunter (CR 1) Grand General (CR 6) Guild Thief (CR 1/2) High Priest (CR 6) Master Thief (CR 5) Military Officer (CR 3) Minstrel (CR 1/8) Pirate (CR ...

D&D Denizens: Underdark Monsters
Regular price: $1.95
Bundle price: $0.24
Format: Watermarked PDF
With so many monsters having been created for previous editions of the game, only a portion could be included in the new fifth edition Monster Manual. This document updates several of those older monsters absent from the new edition, specifically ones tied in some way to the theme of madness or ones that might be found in the Underdark.

Allip (CR 3) Crypt Thing (CR 2) Ophidian (CR 1) Phantom Fungus (CR 1) Shocker Lizard (CR 1/2) Thoqqua (CR 2) Other Titles in This Series D&D Citizens: Dwarves D&D Citizens: Elves D&D Citizens: Extra NPCs D&D Denizens: Drow & Driders D&D Denizens: Duergar D&D Denizens: Goblins D&D Denizens: Orcs D&D Denizens: Skeletons & Skeletal Monsters ...

Dragons! Volume 1 - Chromatic Dragons
Regular price: $1.99
Bundle price: $0.25
Format: Watermarked PDF
"If you want more flexibility in how you use dragons, Dragons! is an inexpensive option to save yourself the time of messing around with numbers and trying to calculate Challenge Ratings. Recommended." - Merric B


Welcome dragon lovers!

Are you playing in the Forgotten Realms? Running Storm King's Thunder? Tyranny of Dragons Horde of the Dragon Queen? Rise of Tiamat? Out of the Abyss? A home brew? It doesn't matter where your game is set, if there's one thing any Dungeons and Dragons setting can use its more dragons!

Inside Dragons! Volume 1 - Chromatic Dragons you will find 30 dragon stat blocks featuring stats for Very Young, Juvenile, Young Adult...

Expedition to the Lost Peaks - Adventure
Regular price: $1.95
Bundle price: $0.24
Format: Watermarked PDF
"This adventure was excellent, my group loved it and it was very fun to DM"

A mysterious and ancient iron tower has been discovered in the fabled Lost Peaks - and our heroes are sent to investigate. What follows is a mind-blowing adventure of exotic creatures, alien technology and a shocking revelation that will change how they view the world forever.Expedition to the Lost Peaks is a 6-8 hour adventure for characters of 5th-7th level.

Download these great value bundles -

Download these bestselling and highly rated adventures and supplements -

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Gateway to a Savage Land - Adventure
Regular price: $1.95
Bundle price: $0.24
Format: Watermarked PDF
Take the adventuring party to a savage land in this 4 to 6-hour one shot that can easily be added to any campaign. The quest: find a woman's son who has been missing for 10 years. She's only just received a map that may lead to his last known whereabouts.

A 2nd tier adventure for 6th - 10th level characters that features battles, environmental hazards, and roleplaying. The 38-page PDF includes hand-drawn maps, art, stat blocks, and a battle stat tracker. The overall adventure is 15 pages. This adventure has even been test played by four DM's from around the world.

Two new creatures and three new magic items are included.

You may also enjoy:


Hexcrawling: Wilderness Exploration and Random Encounters
Regular price: $3.95
Bundle price: $0.49
Format: Watermarked PDF
The following optional rules expand the Getting Lost section in the Wilderness rules (Dungeon Master’s Guide p. 106-112) and Random Encounter checks (p. 86), providing more opportunities for the player characters to interact with wilderness exploration (A.K.A. “hexcrawling”), and provide a framework on which to hang a slew of new ways to drop their hit points, increase their Exhaustion levels, or otherwise get them in trouble, as adventurers so often do!

Included is a detailed discussion of the theory, science, and art of building random encounter tables, as well as a hex map and five example wilderness encounter tables tied to it. Featuring plenty of combat, exploration, and evocative interaction-based encounters, there's enough material for several months of ...

Optional Rules & Random Tables Indexes
Regular price: $1.00
Bundle price: $0.13
Format: Watermarked PDF
Some of the most memorable games are the ones that have a feel all their own. One of the best ways to achieve that is by strategically picking the right options and variants to create the tone and mechanics that best exemplify the unique nature of the campaign world. Using the indexes included herein, DMs can quickly piece together the right options and variants, and refer to tips and tricks that make keeping track of the changes easy. Additionally, the indexes of random tables found throughout the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide give you all the tools you need for stocking dungeons, adding depth to your NPCs, and populating the few points of light in your campaign setting!

The Optional Rules & Random Tables Indexes supplement gives you:

Tips for using the...

Paragon Dwarves (5e)
Regular price: $1.45
Bundle price: $0.18
Format: Watermarked PDF
Supersede the limits of your kin! Be prepared to face your ancestral foes - giants - and take up the mantle for dwarven kind!

Paragon Dwarves provides Players and Game Masters with the following for thrilling play:

Racial Paragons. New rules to become a racial paragon. These simple rules allow players to become the epitome of their chosen race. Dwarf Paragon. The dwarf paragon is the second race showcased in these series of products. As support for this and the other products grow, we will continue to expand with additional racial paragons. New Character Class Options. New rules for dwarf paladins, rangers, and the champion fighter archtype to create an unique dwarf character. Variant Rules. This product presents n...

Race Compendium - Volume One
Regular price: $1.50
Bundle price: $0.19
Format: Watermarked PDF
This bundle of races, subraces, and feats expands the options for players and dungeon masters alike, bringing a unique and exciting experience to your tabletop.

This compendium contains:

Four new races. The mythical hengeyokai, a race of shapeshifting humans touched with the spirit of nature; the powerful mul, half-dwarves that combine the best of human and dwarven physiology; the vengeful revnant, souls of the recently departed raised by a deity who grants them a second chance at life in exchange for their service; the newly formed wilden, a race created by the power of the Feywild in order to protect the multiverse from the influence of the Far Realm.

Four new subraces. Genasi are rare in the multiverse of Dungeons & Dragons, and rarer still a...

Racial Archetypes (40 New Archetypes For All Classes And Races)
Regular price: $3.99
Bundle price: $0.50
Format: PDF

This book contains 40 brand new archetypes spanning all classes, helping you to create iconic and unusual characters that represent a specific aspect of each race's personality and physique. With archetypes such as the Arcane Archer (elven fighter), the Saboteur (gnomish rogue), the Smithy Domain (dwarven cleric) and the Path of the Brute (half orc barbarian), each archetype presents new and unique mechanics that fulfill a fantasy archetype associated with that particular race, or something out there and unheard of that lets you be the first of your kind! Perfect to share with your table, this book is perfect for characters who want to represent thei...

The Castle of Corellon
Regular price: $3.00
Bundle price: $0.38
Format: Watermarked PDF
This adventure is scaled for level 1 characters.

The ruins of a flying castle teeming with goblins is heading to the peaceful village of Barrowmist. It is up to the heroes to get up there and stop it before the castle lands in the village and chaos ensues.The group will enter into the ancient struggle between elves and orcs. Not only can they claim the ruins as their home, but the heroes will be asked to go on a quest to repair the castle and use it to find the Misty Isle, a legendary elven realm stolen by Gruumsh, god of the orcs.This adventure is the beginning of the Litany of Arrows adventure path. It can be run on its own or as a linked part to the larger story. New Magic Items:

The Emblem of Ossandrya: An artifact that provides a variety of benefits Enspelled Arrows...

The Dungeon Master's Handbook
Regular price: $2.99
Bundle price: $0.37
Format: Watermarked PDF

A practical handbook for any Dungeon Master. Want more monsters for your game? Need some helpful tips? Want a number of useful tables to add depth to your adventure? This book contains all of that and more.

The 96 page book includes:

Over 50 new monsters Many NPC type monsters including; Anti-Paladin, Apprentice, Bandit Lord, Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter Boss, Chief of the Town, Conjurer, Cult Leader, Disciple, Elite Guard, Entertainer, Fortune Teller, Guard Commander, Guild Master, Gypsy, High Priest, Jester, Knight Commander, Master Thief, Merchant, Monk, Monk Superior, Pugilist, Royal Guard, Scout Leader, Slave Lord, Tavern Brawler, and Thief. Over 30 pages of encounter tables and monster lists f...

the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. Anthology
Regular price: $9.99
Bundle price: $1.25
Format: Watermarked PDF
The Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. Anthology includes the collected works of the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co.'s DM's Guild content. All content contained in this book is currently available individually as Pay What You Want but is available in one package exclusively in this anthology. As the Sterling Vermin continue to create new content for D&D 5e, new material will be added to this document. It's a great way to always be alerted to the newest revisions and the best content created by the Sterling Vermin!At this time, the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. Anthology contains:

4 new races: Beastfolk, Dhampir, Pactborn, and Saurian 2 new classes: the Magus and the Pugilist 1 new prestige class: the Vampire and 18 new spells! ...

The Travelers' Handbook
Regular price: $2.99
Bundle price: $0.37
Format: Watermarked PDF
The Travelers' Handbook from Cawood Publishing.

Between exploring dungeons and fighting dragons, the heroes are on the move. Want information about the mechanics of traveling? Want to use some unique mounts? Need individual horses for the party members? Looking for many useful tables to help with the traveling aspect of adventures? All this and more can be found in our newest book.

The 80 page book includes:

Basic travel information/mechanics Travel equipment table 500 NPC descriptions Hundreds of NPC stats Vehicle tables (Land, Water, Air) Mounts tables (Including a number of unique mounts) Individual horse tables Random events tables Encounter tables and corresponding monster lists Detailed individual treasure and treasure hoard tables
*A printer-...

Unearthed Archetypes: Heroes for the Ages
Regular price: $4.99
Bundle price: $0.62
Format: Watermarked PDF
With 7 new class archetypes, 7 human racial variants, 7 age categories for characters, 7 feats, new magic spells and more, Unearthed Archetypes: Heroes for the Ages contains everything you need to play classic fantasy tropes like... Human bloodlines of mythic origin or supernatural power (such as the Targaryens in A Game of Thrones, the Numenoreans in The Lord of the Rings, or the Melniboneans of the Elric tales); Child heroes (a la Narnia, Harry Potter, The Neverending Story, Arya Stark, etc.); Characters visiting a fantasy realm from a nonmagical world similar to our own (as in the old D&D cartoon, A Princess of Mars, The Wizard of Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc.); Heroes who advance into old age over a long career (like Conan, Bilbo Baggins, ...

Zakharan Bestiary - Monsters of Al-Qadim
Regular price: $6.99
Bundle price: $0.89
Format: PDF
Welcome to the Zakharan Bestiary! This book holds more than a hundred and fifty monsters from the Al-Qadim™ campaign setting for your Dungeons & Dragons™ 5th Edition campaigns.

There are countless genies and elementals, the terrifying roc, the yakfolk of the World Pillar Mountains, giant fire-breathing wasps, living idols from ages long gone, serpentine monstrosities from the Ruined Kingdoms, the dreaded ghuls, and many, many more.


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So basically all this stuff is 1/8 its original price.

$79.51 for $9.95.

I recognize some of the authors (well, two) and think this is almost assuredly worth my $9.95.

Thanks for the link. I don't buy things on DMSGuild that aren't old, out of print stuff because it's impossible to judge content. Just far too much stuff to wade through.

The authors in the bundle are those with the best-selling material. You don't get to be in the top 30 authors of the DMs Guild if you're terrible. (Except me. But I'm the exception. ;) )
It's a great deal for some nostalgia excellent books. Even if 2/3rd are terrible, it's totally worth the price.


Bought it. Very happy. Some very, very cool stuff in here. Certainly worth the 10 bucks. Just as a quick perusal, I see at least three of the products that will see immediate use in my Primeval Thule campaign.

Looks like the first bundle is gone, FYI, so I suppose these are limited-time...
That was the initial intent: a great deal for reluctant people and a boost of attention for products no longer in the limelight. They look to be around for a good week or so.

The second one seems to be selling even more copies than the first. I expect a lot more Electrum and Gold products in the charts.

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