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Haze: Saltborne coming on nearly 2 years this December!
NWN:EE (Available on Steam)

Greetings, fellow adventurers! We are thrilled to invite you to join us in the world of Haze: Saltborne, a one-of-a-kind, immersive, and player-driven online role-playing game.

We are coming on nearly 2 years since our launch, with lots of exciting new features!

- Identity System: You don't know people's names until they tell you them, you assign what you see as their name, and people can even effectively disguise themselves to appear as a completely new person!

- Unique Crafting System: Find/Discover/Buy blueprints, to create your projects, work together to complete larger goals such as suits of armor, or powerful potions!

- Custom Familiar System: Bind familiars in play, get different bonuses depending on what familiar you have binded, and make for interesting roleplay opportunities!

- Custom Spells & Feats! Dozens of custom spells and feats, lots of improvements to the base classes to work well in our low-level, low-magic world! Including favorites like Mirror Image, and the ability for players to create their own spells to use in-game!

- Magic Item System: No D&D world is complete without magic items! But Haze has a unique twist on them allowing for them to be able to be found more commonly, even for a low-magic world! Check it out in-game!

- Unique World: Based on a reimagined Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Haze: Saltborne deviates from high-fantasy tropes and delivers a fresh, immersive RPG experience.

- Permadeath: Here, every choice matters. Death is permanent, making your decisions thrillingly impactful and meaningful.

- Immersive Roleplay: Engage with a community of passionate players who appreciate great role-play and help one another evolve as characters. Leave your unique mark on our narrative.

- Player-Driven World: The Haze: Saltborne world evolves through its players. Join or form player-run groups, called Consortiums, and help shape our ever-changing universe.

- Low-Level, Low-Magic: We've eschewed the typical power fantasies for a more challenging, rewarding gameplay. Power is hard-earned, and magic is rare. Start at level 2, XP gain is relatively easy up to level 4, and slows down after, highest level alive is a couple level 6's, but who knows when they might die!

For more information, and to start your journey, visit our website: haze-saltborne.com.

We also invite you to join our Discord (discord.gg/QpbUStWYqr) and connect with like-minded players, share experiences, and engage with the Haze: Saltborne community.

So, are you ready to create your legend in Haze: Saltborne? See you in-game!

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