Do they stack???


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This is a joke.

What races stack best above themselves?

Is it dwarves and their stocky-ness?
Orcs and the piles of dead ones at our feet?
Elves just chillin in a tree?
Halflings on eachother shoulders to disguise themselves as humans to break into the royal ball?

Ect. ect.

What race/monster/killable creature is the best for stacking and why?

They can be living or dead.

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believe it or not, but it is Dragons


In my experience, it is Dragons. They have to be under a Hold Person Spell, or dead, or stone, etc.

Every other Dragon must flipped and laid the opposite direction (head toward the one below's tail).

By experience, I mean of course stacking my sons collection for plastic dragons.



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Flounder and their fantasy kin when discussing non-humanoids. I suppose windbags (Phaerimm) would be quite flat when dead too. Maybe they could even be stuffed within each other like empty milk cartons.

Humanoids? I'd say anything with big, flat surfaces and clear edges. I guess Maugs. They're essentially living constructs and have a humanoid form so they count.

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