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February marks the 20th Anniversary of Dog House Rules! As DHR celebrates this milestone, its Kickstarter campaign — Sidewinder Recoiled for Savage Rulesgoes live on February 8, 2024, at 1 p.m. EST.

Sidewinder Recoiled for Savage Rules is a traditional Western role-playing game set in the 19th century on the American frontier. We call it Savage Sidewinder for short.
The Kickstarter campaign has a $5,000 goal to fund the project to produce a set of PDF and POD (print-on-demand) titles for use in Savage Sidewinder’s traditional Western setting, including:
  • A Core Setting Book with Setting Rules, Gear, and historical campaign ideas to tell your own tale in the Old West. The book features 100 new Renowned Edges, as well as new Background, Combat, and Professional Edges, original artwork, and more.
  • A Player’s Book version, with the information to design and play a Western hero just like your favorites from movies, TV, or novels.
  • A set of 20 Archetype Cards, with pre-generated Renowned heroes and original artwork.
  • A set of 100 Renowned Edge cards with descriptions, effects, and Requirements.
  • A Savage Tale adventure, GM screen inserts, and Character Sheet.
  • A custom Action Deck for playing this Savage Worlds traditional Western, with original artwork.
  • Stretch Goal PDFs to unlock once the project goal is met.
DHR has also released a FREE Jumpstart version, Sole Survivor. It’s available now on DriveThruRPG and is featured in the Kickstarter. Sole Survivor is a Tournament of one-against-one Showdowns—one of Savage Sidewinder’s Setting Rules—featuring eight pre-generated Wild Card characters designed with 23 of the 100 new Renowned Edges slated for the Core Setting Book. Did we mention Sole Survivor is FREE?

Sidewinder Recoiled for Savage Worlds Jumpstart: Sole Survivor

You can back this project and learn more about the Reward Tiers, which will be fulfilled via DriveThruRPG.



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