5E Doggos & Doggos, a cute 5e supplement about doggos.

Tun Kai Poh

It's called Doggos & Doggos and it's 20% off for today (full price $4.99) at the itch.io store: Doggos & Doggos by Kazumi Chin

...but is it about doggos?


Seriously though, this is really cute, heartwarming stuff. Shelter pups! Feral pups! All kinds of backgrounds and races and doggo-themed items!

And, I'll just quote from the product page:
Be a wizard's familiar! Utilize your hearvision and smellvision to find things in the dark! Take command with the Staff of Sit, Stay, & Down! Carry a sled full of treasures through the snow without being encumbered! Be a Jock Doggo and speak Jock to other doggos!
I also like the fact that it has an aberration called The Mailman.