Domains of Shadow: Requesting Criticism for an Original System

Nathan C.

Domains of Shadow is a GMless tabletop roleplaying system and storygame designed to tell stories of Gothic Horror and Shakespearean Tragedy that could easily be presented as theatrical actual play performances. It has a heavy focus on facilitating dramatic storytelling through roleplay and social interactions. To achieve these goals the system prioritizes smooth pacing, dramatic effect, and streamlined rules. The rules have been in development since the Winter of 2018, the Guidebook is in its fifth draft, and I am now in the initial phases of playtesting.

I would like feedback on any aspect of the system. However, I am most uncertain about the mechanics in Chapter Five: Blight and Composure, especially if they are as understandable and simple as I think they are.

Here is the Fifth Draft of the Guidebook for Domains of Shadow. The system will be free even upon final release so I have no issue with you viewing or sharing the complete ruleset:

Here is the template for the Character Sheets:

If you are interested in joining some playtests for this system, the link to the Discord Server can be found here: Join the Domains of Shadow Discord Server!

Thank you ahead of time for any points of feedback!

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