Dragonborn - will you ban them?


  • I intend to ban it.

    Votes: 139 17.4%
  • I will allow them as is

    Votes: 386 48.4%
  • I have no idea

    Votes: 202 25.3%
  • I'm a special snowflake and have another idea

    Votes: 70 8.8%

Lord Fyre

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NaturalZero said:
Actually, the first guy i thought of when i heard someone mention dragon-people in video games was Garland from BoF3:


Of course, the fact that draconians pre-date BoF3 by more than a decade pretty much invalidates any theory that DnD stole from it.

Stop letting the facts get in the way of the internet. Next thing you know, people will start expecting Wikipedia to be accurate.

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I'll likely allow them as is, but I tend to allow all sorts of oddball stuff anyway. However, it will all be a moot point if I decide that the rules suck.


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without the information on the race that one might expect to find in the PHB (game mechanics & flavour), I'm surprised anyone can make a serious call either way...

... I shall reserve judgement until that information actually becomes available some time next year.


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Psion said:
No idea. Unless 4e has really won me over, I'll probably run 3.5 and allow a 3.5 version of them should a player ask for them.

If I do run 4e, I'd be more liable to ban (or put a 1/party limit on) them, because them being core is likely to create a rush of players playing them, and I don't want them to be that common.

I think exotic races are okay in moderation, but making them core is overkill.



Kid Charlemagne said:
Like many of the changes in 4E this actually fits rather well into one section of my current 3.5 campaign world. I'll have to see how they pull it off, but I'd be leaning towards yes.

Much of 4E seems to mesh nicely with things I either want or have already implemented via house rules.

Races are the big area where I've heard nothing exciting and much to dislike. Most other things are either "cool" or "eh, could be cool, if done right". Tiefling and dragonborn, both, are unlikely to meet the flavor of any world I run. Actually, tieflings might fit as a very rare race that really doesn't warrant attention in a primary book. I haven't seen the final treatment, so I could be surprised, though.

The racial ability trees have me a bit skeptical, but I could see them working well. If I can ignore the breath-weapon and wings of the dragonborn (i.e. treat them as lizardfolk), they may find a niche in a remote area of my world. Mainly, I'd do that just so I don't have to ban stuff in the primary player book -- kinda like gnomes, now (though I did ban halflings).


It's unlikely I'll ban them, and if I do it will be because they are mechanically flawed. As we don't have mechanics yet, I'll stick with the snowflake option.


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Mistwell said:
How can you know before you see them if you want them?

How do you know it is "dragon people"? How do you even know what "dragon people" means until you see it?

Because they already exist? I know some of the flavor will change, but humanoid dragons are easy to picture, across various incarnations spanning draconians, the *current* dragonborn, spellscales, or just slightly odd looking humans with horns, tails and pointy teeth. None of these fit in my homebrew. I'm aiming for a cap of about a dozen sentient races- its all I need, and all I can reasonably fit in the setting and keep the historical and 'flavorful' feel that I want. My geography and history is fairly well established. There isn't a place for another race (with its own history, needs and requirements), and spontaneously transforming one of the existing cultures doesn't appeal to me, nor does it fit with the themes I'm working with in the setting.


First Post
I was going to reply with a sarcastic comment about not having seen them but ban them anyway because I would assume they suck/overpowered. Though I will see if that is so first.


Ruavel said:
without the information on the race that one might expect to find in the PHB (game mechanics & flavour), I'm surprised anyone can make a serious call either way..

From the information thus far we know that "Each race seems to have a clear “homeland”... Dragonborn to deserts (at least their great empire were in desert)."

Remember when I said that so long as they meet the minimum requirements for PCs in my game, I wouldn't have a problem with them? The minimum requirements are than the PC have a natural swim speed and the ability to breathe underwater without the use of magic. I wouldn't disallow them because they were dragonborn. I would disallow them because they aren't aquatic.

Mind you, if there's a "dragon turtle" dragonborn, I'm all for it. ;)


Well, since I run Eberron almost exclusively, here goes:

I'll probably allow 'em, But I'd like to see 'em first. If they are literally born-of-dragons, no way is a PC being one ('less he's got a BRILLIANT backstory and hooks), as they'd probably be the 4e equivalent of half-dragons, which are EXTREMELY rare. (I'll use the same tack on Tieflings - the one I currently use for all planetouched, as a matter of fact. Very rare and all.) If they aren't literally born-of-dragons, but still draconic, they'll be from argonnessen, so likely not to make it into a campaign any time soon, except as NPCs.

If they're closer to Lizardfolk, I'll probably just use them for that, unless the mechanics reflect a more 'civilized' lizardman - in which case I'll use whatever they have in the MM as lizardfolk.

As for gnomes, I WANT THEM! The Trust is just too cool NOT to have them!


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they don't ewok or gungan bother me so chances are I will let them in, though if I do one of my already established campaign settings I may hold off on letting them in till I figure out how to slide them into the campaign world.

But if what I see sucks big time I wont let them in.


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If I were to play 4E, I'd use them as appropriate for the setting. So they would not be allowed in my FR game, and wouldn't be allowed if I GM'ed Eberron. They also wouldn't be suitable for my IK, my homebrew game of my BR games.

But if WotC introduces a new setting that I enjoy and where they fit, then yeah, I would allow them.


I can't really answer. They confuse me so much. Ancient empires of lizard-dudes have never been a big part of my D&D experience. You might as well ask me what I think of Arcana Evolved races.


Assuming I play the game, I think both Dragonborn and Tieflings fit the darker Points of Light D&D that 4E is trying to be. Works for me.


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I'll have Dragonborn in my first campaign, but not as a PC race.
They'd work for me as playable race only with a good background or in a high fantasy setting.

I'm sorry, but the world I'm already working on is not called Tamriel... nothing personal, DB.



He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Well as far as it seems I might finally start my homebrew world with the 4e and the dragonborn might find their place in there. Especially since my dragons all live in a land beyond great desert and what I've heard of dragonborn is that their fluff is tied to deserts. But with other settings I have no idea what to do with them. Maybe they give a good fluff for integrating them and I'll use, maybe I hate and rip them from my books (well not really :cool: ).


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Until I see it, I wont make a final judgement, But I'll probably let them in. They sound, from the fluff, more like advanced lizardmen then actual dragon men. That's not exactly a new concept, and since I tend to go toward the pulp end of things, I wouldnt have a problem with that concept at all.

If they had called them 'Noble Lizardmen' in the book, and just added some fluff of 'Claim dragon heritage', would people have had as much of a problem with them?


I quite often change the list of available races depending on the campaign. As such, Dragonborn will be banned or not depending on the campaign, and only be slightly more likely to be banned than Elves. So, the existence of Dragonborn, or Tieflings, or even Warforged in the PHB doesn't concern me.

One thing that does (slightly) concern me about 4e is that the races seem to have more to them (in terms of talent trees and such) than in previous editions. This may make adding new or replacement races more difficult.


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I intend to ban them as PCs at first, but may allow them later depending on what I see in the PHB. I suspect PHB races will be supported more heavily in future products, so I don't want to completely cut out that portion of the product line.

My point of light campaign is especially forgiving of new, or even alien, races... so they will likely work just fine for me; but I still feel they would have been better served as an MM race.

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