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Media Dragonlance music

Hello! I have written a piece of music based on Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Please have a listen and share if you enjoy it. I'm currently working on the second movement. Think of it like a film soundtrack for a (so far) nonexistent film. :)

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Nice work! Recording needs some loving, but the overall musical feeling I got was very much in the vein of "late summer, golden-red leaves, cool morning mists and sweeping vistas of rolling hills crisscrossed with silver streams, and far away, snow capped mountains touched by the clouds". Great evocation!


Paul L. Ming

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and to provide feedback. You're right about the recording, Paul -- I'm still working on producing my own digital music and learning as I go. B-) Maybe a real orchestra and choir will perform this for me someday.

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