5E Drugs In Greyhawk


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What drugs exist in the World of Greyhawk?

Preliminary googling took me to the usually amusing & informative Canonfire!, which it usually does for Greyhawk, and I saw promising looking proper nouns like kalamanthis, tanbrosh, and tamal, but all of the links were dead, meaning I got nothing from the Canonfire! thread other than a good long belly laugh at this, some puritanical jerkwad's 2009 critical failure at prophecy:

"Say, manus, I've been meaing to ask: How's that "legalizing marijuana" campaign coming? Us "damn old foogies" aren't still holding up progress, are we?

lol. welp

Anyway, anyone want to school me on the topic of Oerth pharmaceuticals?


Oh well, not Oerth specific, rather from BG CRPG black lotus always does it for me if I need to make up some fantasy drug. DSA has loads of substances in its official rules.

Designing something for a fantasy campaign could also involve magic either when producing or when consuming the stuff. The side effects could be more realistic than IRL, e.g. physical manifestations of bad trips, plane shifting etc.

Rob Kuntz

Well, there's
Besnethe made form the tri-foil haeartz plant--this effects the adrenaline in short spurts
Namphlim which is part bio, part mineral that is heated and its vapors retained (corked) This tends to expand the muscles, produces visions of heaven and earth, and has been known to shatter the heart in larger dosages

That's two from a seminal Greyhawker. Depends on how many one wants to imagine and create. It's Fantasy afterall... ;)