drunkenness rules?


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I remember reading something about the relation between a character’s CON and how fast they get drunk, but now I can’t find the rules anywhere. Does anyone reading this know them?

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Depending on the gaming group, you could just have a character who drinks have the player drink too... that can have unintended consequences, however. I did game with a guy once who could down so many damn beers and as he did so, he just got better and better at roleplaying. (In general, not just roleplaying a drunk). For me, I'd probably just fall asleep.

Isn't there something on Drunken Master?

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You Bet Drunkenness Rules!!!

Oh that was a question and not a statement. oops! Treating it like a poison might work. Would explain dwarves need large quantities of ale. Make the DC based on the proof and quantity drank, 1 beer is DC 10, double shot of tequila could be a 15 or so, Jagermeister a 13, except for me then it is a 8 :). I am not good at assigning DCs so you might want to take more time on it. Make the effects cumulative like each drink adds +1 to the next DC, or +2 if you failed the previous the save. As for the poison dmg, primary could be -1d2 Wisdom, secondary -1d4 Dex or something. I'll do some research tonight with some Guiness and/or Jagermeister and get back to you with better DCs and dmg numbers.

As for the having the player drink, good idea in theory, but alas we have a no drinking rule in my group. It is annoying too, cause the on person who refuses to drink in real life insists on playing his dwarf as an alcoholic.

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