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Dungeon Crawler 2014


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This kickstarter is coming up around September, and wanted to let ya'll know. We've revealed our first sculpt by Patrick Keith and some of our intended rewards to our previous backers of 2013. We're holding off until Sept so that we can complete sending our backers their rewards first. :)

First Revealed Mini: the Orc Shaman

Planned Rewards (link)

There's more to come, but thought I'd start sharing. B-)

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I love dwarf miniatures......but on an owl.....

I think dwarves are the least likely creatures to want to allow their feet to leave the ground.

Should have done something like a dwarf riding a bear:

Or a rhino......something land based.

Oh well.

I guess some dwarf is better than no dwarf.

But if you need some source material I have one for you:


Now that'd make an awesome mini. I own the artwork so i'd just lend it out to you for a very small fee. It would just be cool to see it in 3D miniature form.


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Our decision to use the Giant Owl was based on our source material.

Ice Dwarves in DC are mountain dwellers and although they do use bears and gryphons, we felt that this subject matter had been done quite extensively so far in metal and even by Bones (although at the time of art/sculpting we didn't know this). So, we decided to launch with Owls where they could lend air support to their land-based allies. After all, these scouts must cross long ranges over rocky mountainous terrain quickly and this makes them very effective.

We realize this is a risqué move, but it also makes it unique enough to be considered desirable.

You can read a little more about our release here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dungeoncrawler/dungeon-crawler-fantasy-miniatures/posts

Cool artwork, is that a halfling with a dragon?
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Todays reveal shows us the Imp and a new badge!


What's a Dungeon Crawler Imp? Nope, it's not Peter Dinklage, nor is it a small red winged demon. They are essentially a mischievous Fae-traced folk akin to Elves, but much more suited to living amongst humans as they can handle industry in moderation and they like communities in general (somewhat similar to Mere cats). They have an affinity for animals, innate magic and are high energy. An Imp stands around 3' tall. They might be considered similar in appearance to a Gnome, Kender or Halfling from other fantasy worlds, and that works just fine with us. Small humanoids everywhere need a representative too!


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I just wanted to say, before continuing with more ks updates, that in reading some of the posts on ENWorld, that there are a lot of deep thinking people here. The discussion about business decisions on kickstarters, the changes in the gaming industry/rpgs and the intricacies of fantasy itself.

I guess what I'm getting at is, you probably want to know a little more about us than just us posting about our latest upcoming kickstarter content. So, here goes!

The world of Dungeon Crawler started a very long time ago based on my perception of what a fantasy world should be as a teen (I'm pushing 40 now). It was meant to be an electronic game but I was not able to get it off the ground. A card game version, however, was totally doable. I wanted a real adventuring kind of feel to the game, wanted to be able to play it as a solitaire game, with some complexity so it could be replayed without being boring. So I pulled together some talent, some funds and got to work.

Two years later we "released" our game at GenCon 2010 (my first time there in fact). We had a great deal of stumbling blocks and a real trial-by-fire kind of start with our printers that did everything wrong, but we made changes and persevered. We still struggle with the industry, but we're making headway. One of those changes was to make it an ECG rather than a CCG. Collectible had become a dirty word in the industry, and Expandable was the way to go (no randomization).

Going back a little, I'd been playing D&D since I was a teen, and when I saw WotC put out PPMs I was more than ecstatic. I was in love. I always liked metal miniatures and plastic miniatures (looks over at his shelf of HeroQuest x3, Warhammer Quest, pile o MageKnight, Dark World...), but I was never any good at painting, disliked assembly, the weight of metal and its fragility - so PPMs were a blessing! :cool:

Then WotC stopped producing them. I'd been tracking them for years on PlastiCrypt (formerly ddmspoilers) and really didn't want them to disappear. So, I found some investors and began investigating in making my own line. It was a very long process, not quite the trial by fire we experienced with the cards, but certainly challenging. We went to the market with a meagre offering of 4 minis all themed around tentacles... turns out there's some connotations to that, BUT none-the-less, they were meant as a proof of concept, the easiest to sculpt and hopefully useful for RPGers.

We're still doing the card game, we've expanded to a webcomic and miniatures of our own, all based on that singular fantasy concept that I've been developing throughout the years. There are many that condemn us for trying something odd (like tentacles), but we do our best to stay away from things that have been done to death in PPM. It can take us a long time to get product done, but we will get it done, and sometimes that governs our decisions on what gets made. IF there's a good chance that a larger company will make something before we can get it done, we will try to avoid it. But, once something is set in motion, we're kind of committed (we lose literally months if we make changes at certain stages, and we don't have the funding to chuck out sculpts). :)

We are a truly fledgling company making its way in the industry as an actual start-up the very thing kickstarter was designed to help with. It really is just me and my wife running the show, and our small-time investors that helped us get started are pretty much just fans of fantasy as well. We like that sometimes we get mistaken for big business, which is cool, but we're happiest when we see new fans we've never met before post their love our stuff.

There's a bunch more, but this is a thread for discussion, and hopefully this will spark some of that. B-)


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New reveal, Kobold Rider!




Kobold what now? Yep, Kobolds are rat-men, 3' to 3.5' tall rat-men. Call em what you like, mouselings or whatever, they're grungy scurvy-ridden trap-laying critters! This one is armed with a crossbow and I imagine it's probably laced with a toxin of some kind. Kobolds live in these large strip-mine-like craters akin to a spiralling downward junk-tent city. Granted they can pretty much be found anywhere, they're survivors. The bats help them get from one edge of darkness to another pretty quickly too. Kobolds are often mercenary-like and can be found working for anyone except maybe the good guys because they are pretty greasy and do not tend to hide it. The Mines of Khurgan kind of shows off what these guys are all about, and it's fighting dirty (magic, backstabbing, traps and sniping).


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Thanks Olaf! :)

Kraken, released (from customs)!


And, final preview for KS2014 is the Behemoth artwork, Patrick is still working on the sculpt. It is on an 8x8 base, and will be our last mini of that size for a while.


Behemoths are essentially a kaiju, enormous monstrous beings (not a dragon) that devour all in their path. They are limited in number because they are so dangerous during their feeding frenzies when it's kill or be eaten! Then they slumber for decades before waking to feed again. The Orcs keep a very limited number of such beasts in an unnaturally extended slumber, then awake them to feed, or wake them to destroy their enemies! Some of their young, hatched from eggs are kept as pets or mounts by the most powerful of Horde leaders. Once they achieve a certain size and age, they begin to settle in to their hibernation pattern.

How does the Behemoth fit in to our Storm Riders campaign exactly? you might ask. The Behemoth has a crown of horns atop its head that, once they have reached a certain size, a medium sized figure could fit nicely between - and that rider is actually our 2nd sculpt goal the Orc Shaman (remember her?).


Now, don't worry, not all of our Stretch Goals are going to be rider-based, we do have plans to do other figures as well, many of which we've revealed in the past, and we hope to have you flooded with pre-painted plastic.

Once we reach $90k we will no longer have split sculpt and paint goals as we estimate we'll be at a steady paced ascension by that point (we'll see if things slow down or not). We have a very special SUPER Stretch Goal lined up for our 19th @ $160k, which we are planning on blowing your minds with. That's a fair bit bold of a goal, so we know we're being ambitious here. :)

Thanks for reading our reveals over the last few weeks...

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