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Kickstarter Dungeon Crawler KickStarter Launched for Kraken Miniature

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Yes, there are two versions of painted Kraken available.

We've also got the Giant Firbolg Skeleton sculpt funded, and we're less thank $1k away from getting it's painted versions!


Up next


You can follow our completions/announcements here http://www.dungeoncrawler.com/kickstarter_2013/index.html


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[MENTION=54610]greyhaze[/MENTION]. Was noticing your .sig points to your canceled Kickstarter. Might want to update it with your new one.


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I'm really surprised (and disappointed) that this kickstarter has slowed down so much. It took off great and all of a sudden it's kind of come to a crawl. The Mini's look awesome. I'm not really sure what happened. I would love to open up some of the higher mini's. Especially the Botanimoth! I would pledge more, but I'm already in at Pandemonium and I'm going to be in trouble with the wife when she sees the charge on the credit card (once it's too late! haha).

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