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Kickstarter Dungeon Crawler KickStarter Launched for Kraken Miniature

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First Post
Massive Tentacle is painted, and everyone with a Kraken now gets 1 matching one free!

On to the ever impressive Botanimoth! If we reach this goal, everyone at the Netherworld level gets a copy!



First Post
We're in our last few hours and we've broken the 300 mark in backers! We are $5k away from our next goal of the Botanimoth, a huge 3x3 venus flytrap-like Plant Creature.

The campaign ends at midnight tonight EST/EDT.

Thanks everyone for contributing and for having patience with us on the forums!


First Post
I know it's a long stretch, but I hope me make it to the Botanimoth. Behind the Kracken, that was my next most wanted mini.


Post what the heck you get at the $150 Netherworld level. DCM's pricing is confusing as heck, although the KS format doesn't help at all. Thanks!


First Post
@ $150 you pick what you want and get all bonuses and $15 credit. Most people go for:

Kraken, standard paint $75
Kraken, ks paint $75
Peryton, standard paint $5 cred
Firbolg Skeleton, standard paint $9 cred

Peryton x1 ks paint, free
Mermaid x2 one of each, free
Massive Tentacle x2 1 of each, free
BOTANIMOTH x1 unpainted, free
Sea Dragon PDF

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