[Dungeon/ Dragon] The Story of Fedifensor?


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Back when I picked up Dungeon #92, I assumed that Fedifensor, the broken sword mentioned in passing in "Interlopers of Ruun-Khazai" was just a throw away plot hook. However, I was recently rereading Dungeon #93, and discovered a mention of Fedifensor in the letters page. Apparently the sword first appeared many moons ago in Dragon #67. Unfortunately my Dragon collection does not go back that far. Could someone with a more extensive Dragon collection (or access to the Dragon Magazine Archive CD-ROM) explain the origin story of this particular easter egg?


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“Fedifensor” was an AD&D adventure back in Dragon #67.

The backstory is that a high priest (Astramal) of the god Amphabese, had two prophetic dreams. In the first one, his temple was overrun and by a demonic horde. The second dream was of a paladin, wielding a mighty blade, defeating a singularly powerful demon.

Distraught by these visions, he went to visit an enclave of gray elves. Convinced that his dreams were prophetic in nature, and that a horde of demons would be as bad for them as for the temple, the gray elves agreed to make a blade such as Astramal had seen in his dream.

It took years, but finally they delivered to him the blade Fedifensor. Astramal thanked them for their gift, and pledged that he would watch over the blade above his own life, and that only the most virtuous of hands would wield it.

It took months to determine who that would be, having to choose from among the paladins who came to their temple to renew their holy vows, but Astramal finally settled on Boyd de Thalion as the one to wield Fedifensor.

It seemed that no one was Boyd’s equal, until another paladin named Karl appeared. He might have also passed the tests to wield Fedifensor, save that the first test was to meet Boyd himself, upon which he immediately recognized Karl as a powerful demon in disguise. As in Astramal’s dream, they fought, and with the blade, Boyd was victorious.

Although the second dream had come to pass, Astramal’s fears about the first were not allayed in full. As such, the temple remained vigilant; rightly so. A horde of evil finally emerged from across the sea. Thousands of lesser demons succeeded where one powerful one had failed. The temple fell, and many powerful defenders, including Boyd de Thalion, died in its ultimately unsuccessful defense.

Taking the fallen champion’s blade, Astramal used a spell to send his spirit to the Astral Plane, taking Fedifensor with him. However, before he could do more, his material body was slain in a fire that had started in the temple during the battle, and the sword was lost there. A band of githyanki found it, and, determining that it was magical, took it back to their fortress on the Astral Plane, where it remains. (Until the adventurers who played this adventure recovered it, anyway.)


I was going to say that is completely not what I remember, but Alzrius mentions in his last paragraph that it was an adventure, which is what I do remember. I completely forgot the backstory.

The Fedifensor adventure was the first published adventure where the characters venture into the astral plane. They have to go to a githyanki outpost, floating in the middle of nowhere.


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Thanks Alzrius and Wycen, that's very helpful. How did the adventure play out? Did the adventure include stats for Fedifensor?


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I don't recall Fedifensor's stats off hand and no longer have that ancient issue (which lasted until I moved a few years ago, then was given to a friend along with many other old Dragon mags and lesser gaming supplies. :\ )

I do recall running a party of powerful pcs through it. It was great fun, though they never found the sword iirc (the plot hook was different than that of the module itself; I used the githyanki astral castle with a different hook). Let's see, if I recall aright the party basically killed the githyanki and took their stuff. Um, don't recall anything more specific (though I think Maltar Dead was in the party), sorry.


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Morrow said:
Thanks Alzrius and Wycen, that's very helpful. How did the adventure play out? Did the adventure include stats for Fedifensor?


In the recent Dungeon adventure with Fedifensor, we actually found the sword fairly easily. We snuck into a tower, went downstairs, found a tunnel system, and felt our way to the storeroom where it was kept, mostly by sheer guesswork. Since it was my character's quest (as, in our game, Fedifensor was an ancestral weapon of my character's house), I was all for leaving then, but the rest of the party wanted XP and loot.

So, we wandered around, fought some undead, hooked up with some githzerai, and smote the baddie heartily. Great fun was had by all.



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Morrow said:
Thanks Alzrius and Wycen, that's very helpful. How did the adventure play out? Did the adventure include stats for Fedifensor?


In the hands of a non-paladin of lawful good alignment, Fedifensor is a +2 bastard sword. It has an intelligence of 17, an ego of 18, and (of course) is aligned lawful good. It cannot be touched or carried by anyone of another alignment unless the blade is sheathed in its special scabbard.

In the hands of a paladin, Fedifensor is a +5 weapon and also exhibits these other abilities:
1) Magic resistance of 50% in a radius of 5 feet .
2) Dispel magic can be cast upon any spell cast on the sword or its wielder whenever the paladin desires, at a level of spell use equal to the experience level of the wielder.
3) At a range of 1”/level of the paladin, the sword can detect the
presence of major evil entities [demons, devils, undead, or any
evil creature that can only be hit by a magic weapon). If the blade
is unsheathed, it will immediately begin to glow bright red, as if
just drawn from a forge furnace.
4) It inflicts an additional point of damage (beyond the usual +5) for each experience level of the wielder when used against a demon.

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