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DMs Guild Dungeon ex Machina


This is DUNGEON EX MACHINA, an adventure anthology of four exciting, strange and mysterious dungeon crawls enough to fill a full night’s gaming or more! Each dungeon has suffered a significant turn of events for the worse. The inhabitants are thrown into confusion and power plays ensue. The PCs stumble into this situation or are hired to investigate some of the weirdness and find out what happened.


DETAILS: It’s not a just a dungeon of orcs. It might be a dungeon of orcs whose shaman recently went irrevocably insane and decided their lair needed to be guarded by trees while they went on raids. Now they have satyr druids kidnapped and animating trees for them. Some of the warriors put trophies of war and orc adornments on said trees. The orc chief has decided some of the animated trees make up his new harem. And a treant of questionable morals has decided the orcs need stronger leadership and he is plotting on murdering the chief and taking control.

IN OTHER WORDS: The PCs expect an orc dungeon and it turns out to be the halls of “whaaaaaaa?!”

If you need an a really unexpected twist on a night’s adventure, we hope this book fits the bill for you and provides excitement, mystery and fierce combat and roleplaying opportunity’s aplenty!

  • 4 Complete Dungeons:
  • Tyr’s for Fears, for level 8 PCs
  • Enemy Mine, for level 5 PCs
  • Back to School, for level 4 PCs
  • The Trouble with Tentacles, for level 9 PCs
  • 16 New or updated monsters!
  • A template with advice for creating your own twisted tale!

  • This book assumes you have access to the 5E D&D Monster Manual, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes and will not duplicate stats from those books.
Dungeon ex Machina

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