DungeonMorphs 10th+ Anniversary


Hard to believe it was over 10 years ago when we launched our first Kickstarter for DungeonMorph Dice & Cards. Back then it ended with a little over $20K in pledges, making it a top 20 RPG Kickstarter that year... How things have changed! Thank you for keeping the hobby growing.

For the first time we’ve got our DungeonMorph dice with dungeon, cavern, & city designs available in color! The new dice sets are: crypts (in light tan with brown ink), lairs (in brown with yellow ink), and sewers (in dark swirly green with off-white ink). As before, we’re making a deck of 2.5″x2.5″ cards, 10″x10″ battlemat tiles, and a book of ideas for each of the designs. The one deck of 2.5″ cards covers all the new dice sets as does the one new set of 10″ battlemat tiles. The book also includes a framework for running your favorite TTRPG in a solo or co-op fashion when you don’t have a DM. And the PDFs and JPGs (for VTT use) of the cards & book are included with the matching physical rewards. As part of this Kickstarter, you can also pick our prior dice sets in colors too!

Here's a quick visual overview of what's new (more details below):

You don’t need it all–the dice are cool, but some folks are nostalgic for the “old school blue” style cards, others love the 10″ battlemat scale cards (or want the JPGs for VTTs), and other people find the book of ideas most worthwhile.

We’re hoping to have a strong day 1, and to that end we’ve got a first 24 hours bonus–a special uber-dungeon card where you can place the dice or the 2.5″ cards to create a larger dungeon complex. (There will be an 8″x5″ version scaled for the cards and a smaller version for the dice.) If you miss the first 24 hours, we’ll have PDF versions you can print.

Even better, most of our stretch goals are to add more dice to the sets at no extra cost to you! And as we add dice, everything else grows to match: more 2.5″ cards, more 10″ battlemats, & the book gets larger to describe the extra lairs, sewers, or crypts!

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We've now hit stretch goals so every new set of dice get a bonus die (now 7 dice each) at no extra cost to backers! And the matching 2.5" cards, 10" battlemat tiles, book of descriptions/ideas all grow to match. Our next goal is to get Dyson Logos to convert all the designs to his style for a 2.5" card deck:

After that, we'll be adding more dice (& cards, tiles, pages)!
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