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Kickstarter Dungeons Factory - Mekas - The MountainForge


Since December 10, 2022, we have been celebrating the Dungeons Factory's 3rd anniversary.
3 years is not much, but it represents a symbolic period for us.
On this occasion, we are launching "Mekas", our brand new project.


Mekas - The MountainForge will be the first of our new range of 3d decors to print.

We are changing the universe, this one will be much more SF (but still SteamPunk and also Fantasy with the look of a small pebble).
If belonging to these universes together seems strange to you (especially the little pebble, I agree), you will find out all the details very soon.
It really is the biggest set we've ever produced.
It will be posted on Kickstarter in a few days and if you feel like it, you can follow us on this adventure.
For this, I invite you to join us on the project pre-launch page.


Even if you don't contribute financially, a subscription and sharing the page on your social networks will already be a great help.

The community has already followed our 5 previous creations a lot and we hope you will enjoy discovering this one.

Thank you for this time you have given me, thank you for supporting us and and if you don't mind, pass on the information to all the enthusiasts around you.

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Hi there.

Since the announcement of our new project Mekas - The MountainForge, many of you have followed us and some of you have subscribed to the pre-launch page on Kickstarter.

Coming soon: The Lost Corridors - Mekas

We thank them, as well as all those who relay the information.
This participation is very important for us because the number of subscribers to the page before the start of the funding puts us in better positions on the first page of the platform.

and it often happens that we are only a drop in the ocean of projects that today, very large companies offer for pre-order on crowdfunding platforms.
Of course, times have changed.

We are preparing the start for this Saturday, December 17, 2022. The kick-off is scheduled for 10 a.m. (CET).
The Lost Corridors Mekas will be our sixth project.


This is actually our 3rd creation in terms of 3d printable decor for role-playing and board game miniatures.

We hope you will like this new Science fantasy universe and we are preparing many surprises that we will unveil during these 30 days.

but we can already tell you that if the first levels of commitment are like our previous decorations and will allow you to create all kinds of configurations on your table, the last one is a real novelty.

You already have a preview of it on the pre-launch page whose address is below.

We wish a very good start to the end of the year holidays (to all those who will have one) and give you an appointment tomorrow at 10 a.m. for the start of this new adventure from the Dungeons Factory.

Ah, and then, don't forget, on the occasion of our 3 years of existence, we are launching a painting contest, among other festivities.
All information is on our shop page:

L'usine à Donjons a 3 ans! • Dungeons Factory Shop •

And even if you don't win, you can already download our demo tiles and print them.

See you soon, may the adventure continue.


And There you go!
Our new project, The Lost Corridors Mekas - The MountainForge (yes, we know that, but we like long titles) has just been launched.
It will be present until January 16, 2023 on the crowdfunding platform KickStarter.
We wish him good luck.


We have, in fact, put our hearts into the creation of this new ScienceFantasy universe.
And we need your support so that it becomes a setting full of surprises.
Some surprises, there will be and we have plenty of crazy ideas to insert.
Throughout this month we will keep you updated on the progress of this set of 3d printable dungeon tiles which will be the biggest decor we have ever made.
So, do you dare to take up the MontagneForge challenge?


Hi there.

It's already been four days since our new project, The Lost Corridors Mekas - The MountainForge was launched on Kickstarter.

We are very happy to see it evolve like this.

Indeed, many participants (including some who have already followed our previous creations) have allowed this one to start in very good conditions.
But we still have a long way to go and before all the participants can receive their 3d scenery tiles to print, we still have to make it known to other enthusiasts.

This is why we always need you to talk about it around you, share it with as many people as possible, inform your friends, your associations, clubs or specialized forums and why not, support us if you too want to print, paint and play in the biggest miniature set the Dungeons factory has ever made.

We wish you a very happy holiday season while waiting to see you again soon, because the adventure continues!


Hi there.

Today we would like to present to you the first tile using the "Doors" system which will be integrated into level 2 (advanced set) of the Mekas project.
We are currently in the process of preparing all these new science-fantasy style doors and I must admit that we can't wait to hear what you think.



Hello to all.

The whole Dungeons Factory wishes you a very happy new year.
We hope that it will accompany your projects and that they will come true.
But we wish you above all and in the first place the most important things, health and happiness in your lives.

We approach on our side, this new year in the continuity of the previous one.
Although we have, in 2023, many original creations to offer you, our new project, Mekas constitutes the main part of our news.
This new ScienceFantasy universe of 3D printable sets was launched in December and will end on January 16th.

But already, fifteen days have passed and if it has been followed by many of you, it is not yet enough for its release to materialize.
We still need your support because, at this time, participants are not guaranteed to receive their packs.

However, we are not so far from seeing this project achieve its goal and that is why we are launching a new call today.
If you want to help us, talk about it around you, send the information to as many people as possible, inform your friends, your associations, clubs or specialized forums.
And of course, we don't hide it, your direct support is the best way to allow us to continue to offer you fantastic decorations to print, paint and play.

We thank again all those who trusted us.
To all of you, we can assure you that we have designed this project like the previous ones, with a lot of work, passion but also happiness.
So, in the meantime, the adventure continues...


There are only four days left until The Lost Corridors Mekas crowdfunding ends.
But despite the contributors who have followed us, our new 3d printable decor in a Science Fantasy universe still needs support.

The low visibility granted by KickStarter, added to the fact that we do not pay for third-party advertising to invade the networks, undoubtedly accentuates a lack of promotion, but we know that we still have many aspects to improve on the project.
We will draw the conclusions of the operation of this campaign after January 16th.

In the meantime, we hope that participants will be able to discover and have access to this creation, although we are unfortunately not certain.
If you want to help us, you don't have to commit yourself, but if you talk about it to your relatives, your friends, associations, clubs or on specialized forums, it will be a really appreciable help for us.

However, and regardless of the success or failure of the campaign, we are always very happy to experience times like this. Indeed many participants have written to us and their encouragement is always comforting.
A big thank you to all and see you very soon.



Hello everyone,
the crowdfunding of our latest creation ends in just under 17 hours.

Thank you to everyone who supported The Lost Corridors Mekas, our science fantasy set of 3d scenery for roleplaying and board games.

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