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Kickstarter Dungeons & Lasers RPG Terrain

Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right place for our announcement :) My name is Michal and I am a project manager at Archon Studio, we create tabletop games and terrain.

Last year we have launched our RPG terrain on Kickstarter - Dungeons & Lasers. This year we are launching the second edition of it!

D&L 1x1 hr - landing scene coming to ks FIX.jpg

We are planning to feature 11 themes in total, some of those with half-walls as an option. All are made of plastic and on sprues. You can read more about our project here and sign up for a newsletter as well!


Basically, for less than 100 USD you will get a 24x24 table of terrain, with customization bits and more :) During the Kickstarter we are also going to introduce 7" tall plastic dragons:

D&L 1x1 hr - dragons scale.jpg

Yes, we have the tech and the manufacturing capabilities :)

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