Dunromin University Press new release - SM11 The Orc Battleforge

Simon Miles

Creator of the World of Barnaynia FRPG setting
Dunromin University Press are delighted to announce the release of their latest adventure: SM11 The Orc Battleforge available here: www.dunrominuniversitypress.co.uk

A Troll-Hunter has found what he thinks is a Battleforge in the Borderlands and the King is concerned – he’s offering good coin to any adventurers who can sort it out for him…

The main objective of this adventure is to provide a simple to set up slug-fest for an adventuring party with a need for some stress-relieving dice-rolling. The design is based on minimal set-up, maximum fun!

Just avoid the Blackwood. Really, just don’t go there!
SM11 The Orc Battleforge - Dunromin University Press | DriveThruRPG.com affiliate link


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